Saturday, May 19, 2018

Half a Decade!

Hey guys, welcome back to another post! Hmm. I don't really have much to talk about, there's not really a lot going on... Just another May 19th, you know. Oh how I wish there was something impor- WAIT! WHAT DAY IS IT AGAIN?!

Oh my good gosh. It has been FIVE YEARS since I first started this blog!! That is mindblowing. Hey, how about that! Ya girl neros1234 was able to keep up something for 5 years! What an accomplishment!! But no, seriously it's so crazy that this is 5 years old. That's so hard to believe. Time flies by so fast. I remember when I was celebrating this blog's first birthday and I was super excited about that, and now even that's been 4 years! Crazy. So, in celebration of 5 years, I thought I would go through 5 moments in this blog's history that I loved the most, one for each year.

Starting off with 2013 (2013!! Jesus, that seems like forever ago and yet I was on the internet making things for your eyeballs! Wow!), one of my favorite things from that year was the "Find Peck" contest. Although, I guess this was on Animal Jam Potato Contests so it technically doesn't count for this blog. Shhhhhh...
So, if you weren't around during this (and I don't blame ya, this is ollld school AJP), the Find Peck contest was something where I had people go around Animal Jam and look for Peck, the bunny shaman/alpha/whatever they're called now in different places, and I would choose 2 winners. This was basically the first time I had ever organized something that other people participated in. Honestly this was such a warm welcome into the world of the internet, because it ended up being SUPER POPULAR! Well, super popular to a 10-year old. 19 people participated in it. But still, that was fantastic to little 10-year old neros! I was so blown away by the reaction. I had only had the blog for about 2 months at this point and was not expecting very many people to even see it, much less take part in it. But I was very pleasantly surprised.
During this time, I had a lot of internet friends that I since have lost touch with. Some have deleted their accounts. Sometimes I miss those people, y'know? I dunno. It's not like I miss them, obviously I'm never going to be friends with them again, but you gotta wonder how they're doing sometimes.
Y'know? Yeah. Onto 2014!

This may come as a surprise, but one of my favorite parts of 2014 was when I was in the wrong. It was an incident in September 2014 where Animal Jam was about to release a new Halloween adventure (that eventually became Bitter Sweets), and they made a bit of a goof and accidentally released an early version of it. A few people, including this guy named Ronen, got some rare screenshots of this early accidental adventure, and me, making a goof myself, forgot to credit him and therefore did the one thing you're not supposed to do on the internet- plagiarize. And he called me on it, and I added the credit, and everything, but it really taught me a lesson. I've talked about this before on here, how this was one of the experiences that gave me some harsh feedback on writing things- ya gotta give credit neros, ya silly! Don't just take someone's original work and repost it as your own! I hate that when people do that to me, so I shouldn't be a fricken hypocrite! And I've taken that and thought about that whenever I use someone else's content. Sometimes you gotta learn the hard way :)
(Also, just an anecdote but Ronen also seems to have disappeared from the internet. Am I really one of the last people from that original Animal Jam blogging community from 2013 to still exist, half a decade later? Hell yeah, I think I am! Sweet!) Onto 2015!

I think honestly one of my favorite parts of 2015 was these post titles! Look at all of those crazy titles! I think my favorite of all time has to be either "10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Have a Rug Made of Sand" or "Clowns Need Beauty Too". I mean, ya can't write this stuff. Except apparently 2015 neros could! But I do warn you, the titles are probably the highlight of the entire post. I haven't dared read a post from 3 years ago because I would probably die of cringe, but at least the titles are hilarious. This time was my favorite posting schedule. I've brought this up before, but there's really 3 versions of my posting schedules; 2013's supershort posts that were published nearly every day; 2017's gargantuan monsters of posts that were published about 1-3 times a month; and then 2015's medium-length posts that would be published about 2-4 times a week. That is really the best schedule because it works so well balancing out quality and quantity. That's always been a big debate with myself in this blog, 2013 I was definitely focused more on quantity, but then the posts themselves were crap; and 2017 I was very focused on length and quality but then there would be hardly any posts. I'm trying to get back into the 2015 sort of posting schedule, and there'll be more of that this summer. Onto 2016!

You guys might not remember this, but there was a period in 2016 when this blog had ads! Yeah! That was weird. Actually, that wasn't really one of my favorite parts of 2016, but it was definitely interesting. I earned like 30 cents, it was kinda cool. I'm probably never going to put ads back up on the blog because they're annoying and, in my opinion, a sign of a sell-out, but it was good to test it out and get it out of my system. Onto 2017!

Eeeheeeheee. I still laugh whenever I see this because of the SHEER ABSURDITY of it!! I was just going along one day when this random date kept showing up over and over! It was so weird! I'm glad I got on my computer and actually wrote it down, because it's just too strange NOT to share with the internet. I had a lot of fun drawing the pictures for this post too.

Well this was fun!! It's always nice to take a look back on this blog and take a trip down memory lane. I still can hardly believe it's been half a decade. Jesus, that's nuts. Time goes by so darn fast. I remember 5 years ago creating this blog and being all excited and everything, like checking all the stats and writing posts and reading comments and whatnot, and I still enjoy doing all that! At least that hasn't changed. Anyway. I'll do another of these in another 5 years! Hopefully. If I still have this blog in 5 years. Wow, that'll be 2023! That still seems so futuristic and yet it's only 5 years away! Yikes!
Well, goodnight everyone! Hope you enjoyed reading this. I've got more Monday posts on the way, and some fun stuff this summer. I'm also in the process of updating all the pages on here. I'm look forward to that! (ahhh) See ya!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Ducks, Logos, and Other Critical Mistakes


hi! who are you?
i don't know! i've been calling for another person for the last 7 months!! finally!!
REALLY?! me too!!
it's been SOOO long!
i know!!
how many excuses has neros made, like 4?
or even 5. it's ridiculous.
i know. she really needs to just get her act together and post something.
right?? and that comic mystery from like october doesn't count.
yeah. and what's with all these vague posts with just one picture that kinda hint at something but not really? you know, neros, that doesn't count as returning. gosh.
exactly. come on.
what was that?!
the hell??
who are you?
why are you in my blog it's 3 am.
do you wanna explain why you've been gone since june 2017?
yeah! explain yourself!
and would you also like to explain what's the deal with that "online diary" secret blog from last year that you abandoned?
okay, i have an explanation for that...
and why didn't you do anything good for april fool's yesterday? you always do something big!
excuse me, i-
what happened to you, neros?
yeah, where were you?
y-yes. i guess. that rhymed.
okay. first of all, how the heck did you get in here? where did you guys come from?
answer our questions first!
just answer us! everyone's waiting for your answer!
yeah! don't you realize? this is a public post! everyone can read our conversation!
oh god.
so answer us!
okay, okay. life..makes it hard to write...posts...
we're not taking that lame excuse!
aright. to tell you the truth, i have no idea why i abandoned this blog for almost a year. maybe i have some internal reason deep inside my mind, but honestly i have no clue. the point is...i'm back. am i back?
hell yeah you're back!
yeah, and if you're not we're gonna call you out for it!
o-kay? that's kinda intimidating, but alright!
alright! now get on with the post, this gag is getting old.

ALRIGHTY! HELLO EVERYBODY!!! WELCOME BACK TO THE ANIMAL JAM POTATO!! It has been SO gosh darn long I don't even remember what it feels like to type out a 6,000-word post. Jesus. Anyway, we have so much to get caught up on!! Let's see. Teeeeechnically I've posted 8 posts since June 2017, but 1 was an April Fool's joke, 4 were silly little posts, 1 was a minipost, 1 was an update post, 1 was a Comic Mystery, and 3 were drafts. Wait you weren't supposed to know about those! Oh well. Maybe I'll complete 'em and post 'em someday. But let's just start by logging into Animal Jam! Damn, it's been so long. Let's see what's new!! I'm so excited!!
Okay. So I have absolutely NO idea what this means, which is a sure sign I've been gone for months! What is this? Stone block? Temple of the Ancients?! SABERTOOTHS?!! Actually, I do have some screenshots from like September that I wanted to show, and I can't remember why. Let's pull them out!

Ah yes! What the heck is this? I mean, I know this is ancient news by now (7 months whoops), but ???? WHAT?? The Zios statue was there in the ground for like 7 years! And it's just floating now?! This is some intriguinng lore, I gotta say, Animal Jam! And by the way, I'm pretty sure I figured out what that original Jamaa Journal was about. You wanna know why? Come here. It's a secret. Come over here, I'm gonna whisper it.
*whispers* I used my detective skills!
Okay, I really just scrolled back in the Jamaa Journal. This new system is very handy! Especially for people who haven't logged into Animal Jam since December. So there's a new Temple of the Ancients in Balloosh, huh! That's pretty co- WAIT. BALLOOSH???
B A L L O O S H ? ? ? ? ! ! ? ? !

WHAT THE HELL IS BALLOOSH?! That sounds like some sort of plush toy! Be Sure To Buy Our New Plush Toy Balloosh™ Because Not Enough People Buy Animal Jam Memberships and We're Running Out Of Money! Buy a Balloosh™ today!
This is a Balloosh. It has a lavender body, blue antennae and yellow arms and legs. (or are they wings?) And of course, its name scrawled across its chest. WAIT! Wait a second! What am I thinking?
THERE we go. That's better. Gotta get that branding in there, so no one will steal the idea for this product. We got that frickin' Trade Mark symbol in there, gotta love that, AND we have 4 Animal Jam logos so everyone knows it's trade marked by Animal Jam. There will be NO STEALING ON MY WATCH! Actually, wait no. I can make it better.

THERE we go! THAT'S what I'm TALKING about right there!! Oh heellllll yeah baybeeeee! Just spam the everloving crap out of Animal Jam logos. You can't even see the product's NAME, there's so many Animal Jam logos. There's not even a background, it's just an Animal Jam logo! SO MANY ANIMAL JAM LOGOS! This is gonna sell likes hotcakes, let me tell you that. Hoo boi. You thought those dinky little Sidekix toys were cool? Pshhh. Nah, they weren't even close. Look at these things.
Alright, alright, nice, I like the Animal Jam logo on there, but WHAT do I keep TELLING you Animal Jam?! ONE IS NOT ENOUGH! Oh hell no! We need at LEAST 25!
Why do you not remember these things, Animal Jam? I've told you over and over, if you only put one logo on there someone's gonna steal it! Gosh, do you want me to fire you from your own company? Is that what you want me to do? I can't run a kids game! What do I look like, some kind of graphic designer? Some kind of artist? I made this for Christ's sake!
(Don't even ask me what that is. I can tell you right now I have absolutely no clue.) But jeez Animal Jam! I mean, really! Get it together! Alright now. Don't make me have to tell you again. Okay, where on the planet Earth where we? I lost track a looong time ago. Oh right, the Jamaa Journal! The Balloosh! What is a Balloosh anyway?

Ahh yes, the new land in Animal Jam. Silly me, I almost forgot. Well, I gu-WAIT. WAIT. WAIT NOW HOLD UP THERE JUST A SECOND. LEMME JUST-

YEP. YEP I READ THAT RIGHT. A NEW LAND. You know, I love Animal Jam's way of releasing things. It's like, they finally do something right for a change, and people are like "wow animal jam! that was pretty neat! do that again!" and Animal Jam's like "hehehehehe No" and everyone's all disappointed, and then AJ finally does the thing like 4 years later when everyone's long forgotten about it. That's what happened with this. They FINALLY released a new land in July 2013 (when I had this blog!), Kimbara Outback, and then everyone was like "that's pretty cool! make another one!" and were petitioning for a new one and all that jazz, and AJ's like "Nah, we don't feel like it." And then out of the blue, fricking 5 years later, HERE COMES ANOTHER ONE! People have been speculating about that little corner for years! And it's finally here!

Hmm. A little underwhelming, if you ask me. They just added 2 buildings. Well, I know this is super old news to all of you, but again, I haven't gone on this website in like 4 months, so cut me some slack. But I think I should just walk around Balloosh (still think that name sounds more like a plush toy) for the very first time and give my general opinions on it. Y'know, a first look at what this new land is all about. So here we go! My very first time in Balloosh!

Okay then! Wow! It's very pretty! Just look at that purple stone. One observation I have is that it's very dense. Compared to the other lands, I mean. It looks more like an Adventure, really. I mean look at some of the other ones for context:

Images courtesy of The Animal Jam Wiki, who have been SUPER helpful in tracking down information, thanks guys
And then take a look at THIS:

You can see it, right? How it's so much more dense than the others? And it's so DARK, too! Well, maybe that's because it's supposed to be a swamp. Who at Animal Jam decided to name a swamp Balloosh?! That makes no sense! Coral Canyons makes sense, because it's a desert-y place with canyons that kinda look like corals. Deep Blue makes sense, because it's deep in the ocean. Crystal Sands makes sense because it's a beach. Mount Shiveer makes sense because it's cold and it's a mountain. Balloosh does not make any sense. I swear, Animal Jam, I'm gonna fire you from your own company if you keep making these silly mistakes. Anyway, moving on!

Wooow! Look how pretty that is! I do think that the art in this game is probably its best feature. God damn is that beautiful. Really amazing work. And it looks so lifelike!!

Apparently there's this temple you can visit, and it's probably great for the lore of the game, but I was more interested in the gorgeous glowing stairs, crystals and water. It looks like a place I would want to visit and just like, take in how perfect it is. I wouldn't want to walk or talk for fear I would disturb the perfect-ness of the whole place. You know that feeling? I kinda get that feeling after a fresh snowfall too.

And now we come to a large harbor-like structure. I love the calming lights. It reminds me of fall for some reason. Idk. Actually, you know what this looks like? It looks like the pirate ship in Kani Cove!

Look at the similarities between the two of them! They both are completely wooden, they both are in the water, and the lights coming out are very reminiscent of each other. (Both are murky, soft yellow lights pouring out from the windows.) Oooh! I have a theory! What if Kani Cove is directly underneath Balloosh and they are indeed the same structure?!

Oh right. They're on completely different sides of the map. Whoops! Well, whatever you can go on top of it and that's all I care about.
hee hee hee :)))))
*cRaCk* What was that?!
Oh, it's a duck. Waaaaait a minute! I bet this isn't just an ordinary duck! I bet this is for the Journey Book! Oh man, I forgot about the Journey Book! I've always loved Animal Jam's cool species of animals for the journey book. You know, like the cassowary or the guinea fowl or the elephant seal. I wonder what kind of duck this is? It looks like a wood duck. I bet it's a wood duck. Or it might be some other closely related duck. Let's see!

...Duck. It's Really Animal Jam?! You couldn't just write out "wood duck"? Are you really going to keep making silly mistakes like this?! God, I don't even know why I keep you around. What did I tell you before?! I'm gonna fire you from your own company, that's what I'm gonna do! Just you see Animal Jam! Gosh. "Duck". What a letdown. Anyway, moving on!

See, THIS is what I'm TALKING about, Animal Jam. Some actual species names. Not just "beetle" or "turtle". God, I still can't believe they just wrote "duck". Who was up too late when they were putting the finishing touches on Balloosh?

Well there ya go! All of the ones I was able to find. The rest I used a guide for, but I'm pretty proud of myself for finding all  of those. Now to track down those sneaky last three!

 Ahahaha! I got a screenshot of all of them just as the moment they were leaving! I got a screenshot of the salamander scurrying away, the toad falling back into the water, and the heron flying away. That last one is pretty majestic. It almost looks like Mira, you know how she's that type of bird? Yeah. Glad I got that shot.

Alright, I think that's quite enough Ballooshing for one day! And now for a brand-spanking-new segment on this blog called Actual Conversations!™ Featuring neros1234 and All The Dumb People on Animal Jam. On this week's episode, I decided to troll some people who were begging for my party hat by making up a fake item. Let's begin! (Remember, these are people's actual responses. This is the transcript of a conversation that happened in the Hot Cocoa Hut, if anyone's wondering.)

Person 1: WHAT FOR PARTY HAT srry caps
Person 1: oml XD
Me: Well...there is one thing...
Person 1: what is it
Me: it's called a golden froggy (Note: Completely made up!)
Person 1: wut is that
Me: it's a rare item from 2011
Person 1: oh :( i don't have it
Person 1: is there anything else?
Me: Nah. I only want that golden froggy
Person 3: I have a pair
Person 2: huh what is the golden froggy
Me: Mm?
Person 2: cause i was looking online and couldn't find anything
Person 2: it's not on this fandom site
Person 3: ill trade a pair
Me: (oh god) Yeah it's not on the animal jam fandom site (can't say "wiki" for some reason)
Person 2: why not? is the current page
Person 1: I have a spike do u want a spike
Person 3: too bad i don't have a golden froggy :(
Person 3: i rly want a party hat
Person 2: Is it a statue?
Me: *internally sweating* No, it's a clothes item
Person 1: Does nerd glasses work
Me: No I already have 4 nerd glasses
Person 3: I'll trade a pair
Person 2: Ok i'll ask my beta friend when he logs on
Person 3: Do u want a pair
Person 3: A pair of nerd glasses
Me: *leaves*

*ok, I didn't really say hell but it's for the story's sake, ok? makes things flow a bit better. adds a little comedic effect. gosh.

So that was an adventure! What have we learned from that experience? As far as I can tell, 3 things:

1. Most of Animal Jam is filled with gullible people who don't take 2 seconds to google something
2. All hope is not lost, because there ARE some (very seldom, but nonetheless there) people who take the 2 seconds to google something
3. People really, really want my New Year's party hat.

Interesting. Yeah, I would say that just about sums up all of Animal Jam in 3 clauses. Oh yeah! Speaking of that third clause, we've got a Rare Item Mondaaaay everybody! I also completely forgot about that! (I only remembered it because some dingus was asking me to buy it for them in the Hot Cocoa Hut. I obliged, of course, but only because they were nonmember. Screw members, they have enough.) Here it is!

I didn't get a screenshot of it in the store before Monday was officially over, but here it is in my clothes bar. I bought it cause it looks cute on my owl.
And hey, that gives us a chance to FINALLY use the "RIM" tag on this post!! Haven't done that in a while, haven't I? (Oh by the way, if you didn't know about post tags, there over there on the right. No, your right. Over there, ya dingus. →→→ If you like a certain type of post of mine, you can find others just like it over there!)

Alright, now it's time for a segment we haven't had in YEARS! Literal years! Featuring the phrase that I blatantly stole from Good Mythical Morning came up with all by myself!! YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS!

1. :^⚬^:   A cute anime kid crying. Grow up, Jeffery. Welcome to reality.
2. ॱ⚉ॱ     A lil pig!!
3. ȯ_ȯ    Someone who's just seen some stuff they can never unsee. Slash slightly angry.
4. Ȯ_Ȯ   Someone who's REALLY seen some stuff they can't unsee. Slash more angry.
5. -_-      Someone who's genuinely just done with the world. "Why was I born"

If you don't know what time it is and are utterly confused by the list I've just presented you with, this is Emoticon Friday! Even though it's not Friday. And emoticons are totally dead. Whoops. Well, it's the series where I give you 5 brand-new emoticons and their meanings right here on The Animal Jam Potato! You can type and use them yourself, for all your emoticon needs! (I'm not sure you'd ever need to use a crying anime kid emoticon, but you do you I guess...) I hope you enjoy them! Okay, time for Interesting Observations!™ with neros1234 !!! It's a new series I'm starting, where I find something and make an interesting observation about it. No it's not, I have way too many series' as it is. It's just a thing, okay?! I like making interesting observations. Don't JUDGE me for it. Okay, here's my interesting observation:

Isn't this interesting? Search interest for "april fool's day" peak on April 1st of every year. I mean, I guess that makes sense, but why are people searching for it so much? Do they just not realize what day it is and need reassurance from Google? Are they that paranoid that someone's going to play a trick on them that they have to check the date and read the Wikipedia to make sure?? WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE! JUST LOOK AT A CALENDAR!

Okay, moving on! I hope you enjoyed that Interesting Observation™. (How many rants have I made in this post so far? 4? 5?) Anyway, this is our last segment of the post. But don't worry, it's a good one. It'll hopefully give ya a little chuckle. But first, I want to bring light to the EPIC DEN OF THE MONTH PAGE! So, I don't know if you know this, but I don't keep that page very updated.

Hmm. Whoops. Well, I'd like to change that! The Epic Den of the Month page, if you don't know, is a page where, each month, I showcase one of my dear readers' dens that I think looks pretty dope. And I credit your username and everything, it's great stuff. However, I don't know if your den is epic unless you tell me! So either comment on that page or send me an email, and I'll be sure to take a look. I'll be putting this message at the beginning of the next post too, so people don't miss it. Because I think your dens are probably cool as heck! So submit your den to me, and you might be the next Epic Den of the Month. The link is here: click right here, you know what to do. Onto our final segment of the post!
YES, IT'S THE MEME OF THE DAY!! The segment that I always sign off with, because I believe that laughter is the best medicine. Actually, I've heard that laughter is good for impending chaos, so maybe I should put it at the start of the post. (#seLFBURN #OHHHH) Anyway, Meme of The Day is REALLY the segment where I show you Only the Finest of MeyMeys. Handpicked by neros1234 herself, this crop of memes is just...too good to be true. As for today's meme, it doesn't look very meme-y. But I just COULDN'T NOT share this with you, because it's SO COOL!! I guarantee you'll be staring at it for like 5 minutes, rereading it and singing it in your head. It's truly a Dank MeyMey at its finest.

Well, dear readers, I'm afraid I must go for now.
i thought she would never leave!
Wa-wait, have you guys been here the whole time?! Get out of my blog!!
ugh, fine.
we'll be watching for more content, neros!
Alright. Just- get out of here. Come on. You're scaring me.
come on red, let's take our leave.
alright. bye neros!
Bye you two.

Oh good, my old spot back. I hate being in the middle. But yeah! That was a post and a half! I really hope you enjoyed it! If you did, go right ahead and leave a comment please! I love hearing from you guys. And about the whole being-gone-for-months-and-months thing, I'm truly sorry. It has never been my intent to just abandon you guys without any warning. But I'm back, really back, and I'll try to start doing these Monday posts more often. Honestly, I'm really touched and flattered by you guys, who have kept coming back and reading and commenting on my old posts even when there was no new content. I'm so flattered you all kept the faith when I was gone, that really means a lot to me. Love y'all.

See ya next week (hopefully)!

oh ps here's a cuteass selfie of me and my girlfriend from last year

Pet Rules

Oh hey, you've made it to the bottom of the page. Well, now that you're here, it's now your responsibility to make sure the pets get fed. So:
1. Feed Pete 2 or 3 fish. DON'T FEED HIM MORE THAN THAT!! He'll fall over!
2. Over on the Fun Stuff page, feed the fishes about 15 pieces of food (5 clicks) Don't let the red one eat all the food! She's very greedy.
3. And finally, feed Rosie who is also on the Fun Stuff page. She needs about 2 apples and 1 piece of broccoli every day. She loves being brushed, so you should pet her with the brush too!

That's all! Now go feed them. THEY'RE HUNGRY. Oh, and by the way did I mention they need these daily?