Sunday, December 16, 2012

animal jam news 3

HAPPY JAMAALIDAYS!! As everyone knows, the Jamaalidays are here! There will be a fun winter celebration all winter long!!!

Snow Leopards are here!: The all-new animal SNOW LEOPARDS are here!! But they are only available if you buy a snow leopard 3-month membership gift card. So persuade your parents to buy you one (or buy it with your own money) today!  

Jamaaliday gifts!: AJHQ is giving a free daily gift to everyone, member or not during the Jamaalidays!! Rumor is that the gifts get better as we get closer to Christmas, Haunakah and Kwanzaa, but it might not be true. On  December 1st, the gift was a patch of lollipops! On December 2nd, the gift was 300 gems! On December 3rd, the gift was a snowflake rug!  On December 4th, the gift was a snow angel! On December 5th, the gift was a Jamaaliday mailbox! On December 6th, the gift was 400 gems! On December 7th, the gift was Candy Cane Lights! On December 8th, the gift was a fireplace! On December 9th, the gift was 500 gems! On December 10th, the gift was an Anemone Head Bow! On December 11th, the gift was a Gingerbread house! (not the den!) On December 12th, the gift was 600 gems! On December 13th, the gift was a Bag of Gifts! How convienient! On December 14th, the gift was a Frozen Pond! On December 15th, the gift was 700 gems! On December 16th, the gift was a Phantom Ice Sculpture!  Remember to log in every day during the Jamaalidays to get a SPECIAL GIFT!!

Monthly member gift!: Just like last year, the monthly member gift for December is a GINGERBREAD HOUSE DEN!!!! Also, you get a free gingerbread tree house as part of your monthly member gift. So become a member today!



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