Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hi Jammers!! A HUGE glitch happened to me while I was on my nonmember account and my member account at the same time. It had many steps!! Ok, so first, this is me from my nonmem's perspective.
And this is me from my mem's perspective.
I swear, I did not change the colors in between these screenshots!! It was really weird!! And then, it said my mem was in Jamaa Township, for crying out loud!!
After that, what happened was this: (top, nonmem's perspective; bottom, mem's perspective)

Ummm.... I'm in a FANTASY CASTLE. You don't need an ocean animal to enter a FANTASY CASTLE!!!  I'm not making this up, I swear! It was really, really weird!! And then, something even WEIRDER happened with my trade list and items! So, this is the first page of my Clothing icon.
And this is my trade list.
Pretty  normal, right? Except that, when I click on one of those pluses, this is what happens.
My necklace is gone! And I hadn't even put it on my trade list! And when I clicked on the Spiked Hair, it came up as the necklace!
For a grand finale, when I was switching tabs to go to different accounts...
That's just weird. Ok, the new item is the Paw Print Vase.
Cool, I guess I was wrong when I said there was no more returning betas :(


  1. weird but cool

  2. That's pretty wacky!
    Lol, but great post. :) I'm glad you shared this glitch with us neros1234!

    Glitch Glam!:P

    P.S.- I added you to the ' Other AJ Blogs' page and also to the Yearbook in JTS Blog!!!:) Thanks for the Jam-a-gram. :)

    ~ Coz

  3. This is cool. :) I think you have lots more humor/personality than most of the other bloggers.

    1. Thanks!! I try to make the blog as funny as possible.

  4. Nice blog...I agree with anonymous! I mean, who has a blog named The Animal Jam Potato?!? (That's a good thing!!!) lolz! Mei like warriors+Nyan Cat...

    Cheers, Sriha123

  5. Well Manxy's prediction was right. Today thin pawprint vases came out!!! Thank goodness...Some one was saying that they had a thin pawprint vase that they wanted to trade...I didn't trade them, yay!

    Cheers, Sriha123


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