Friday, July 26, 2013

Owl Plushies and the rest of the update

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Hi Jammers! The first new update from yesterday is the Kangaroo Exhibit in the Conservation Museum!

(click on the pictures to enlarge them)
I think it's really cool. In it there's many kangaroo facts, pictures and videos! The next update is the Adventure Level Icon next to your name- everywhere! It even shows up on your player card!
The next big update is KOALAS ARE BACK!!! HOORAY!!
And I hope you like phantoms, Jammers...BECAUSE THERE'S GOING TO BE EVEN MORE!!! Well, if you want there to be, that is.

And mark your calendars because of the NEW ADVENTURE Cosmo's planning!!! But that's it for THAT update. Now, for two glitches. The first one, I think AJHQ got a little confused...
Ummm...that's a Heart Locket, not Wings. The second glitch was where my Bow and Arrows had a mind of its own..

It even worked when I switched lands...
And Jamaaliday Jams have started to be a regular thing!
The last thing I want to tell you is a glitch that happened with this blog! So, what usually is right here is Pete the Penguin. But instead, the Fishies came up!
What it usually is...
And it wasn't even like they'd switched. When I scolled down, there were the Fishies!
(click on the picture above to enlarge)
Hmm. Strange. Do you have an answer for this, Jammers? But before that, the last thing is the Owl Plushies in the Summer Carnival.
Awww, cute! But anyway. Bye, Jammers!

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