Monday, July 29, 2013

"Real" Musketeer Boots?

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Hi Jammers! The Rare Item Monday today is Musketeer Boots?? I thought it was supposed to be "RARE Musketeer Boots"!
Strange. And I found a new Adventure prize...
A Phantom Pipe! This one could have come from either one of the Adventures! But it looks different. Do you see what I mean?
Or maybe that's just me. But anyway, for today's update, well, just LOOK at the picture below and comment if you find 3 things wrong with it.
(click on the picture to enlarge it)
 If you can't, well, that's ok. I'll tell you. #1, I was at a JAMAALIDAY JAM. Not too surprising, since AJHQ's been giving those out here and there, but still. It's July 29th. And #2 is, CHIEF MAJORMASTER IS MISSING!! His/her animal is gone! And #3, when I clicked on this mysterious Jammer, he/she popped up as a SHARK! And I'm pretty sure the Jamaaliday Jam is an on-land party. Moving on from that, have you ever noticed in Jam Mart Furniture, all the decorations are NOT present-day items. They are...
Yes! Betas! Wait- what? BETAS???!! But it's true! 98% of all the decorations in Jam Mart Furniture you can't buy anymore. Even the pillows and mats are the beta Color Mat/Pillows. (example: Orange Mat or Blue Pillow) I mean, that highlighted Bird Feeder you can buy, but only recently, because AJHQ had the HORRIBLE idea of bringing betas back! It makes me a little sad that all that stuff is gone, but if it's brought back, then no one will beleive you if you say "I have a beta!" But still. AJHQ should fix that. Ok, that's all I have time for, Jammers. Bye!


  1. I think it's weird when people act like a beta is suddenly "gone" if it's come back.

    It isn't gone at all. It's the same beta it was before it came back for others. Logically speaking, it's less gone than it was before. It isn't something AJHQ has to "fix". I'm confused. Yes I know it's your opinion, but I still have the freedom to comment on opinions. :P

    Anyway nice blog. I can tell you put work into it. :) Kudos.

    1. You are totally right! What I meant by "fix" was AJHQ shouldn't put betas in Jam Mart Furniture, they should put more current items. And I know beta isn't gone, but let's say I have a Cami's Frog. And AJHQ goes ahead and brings back the Cami's Frog. And I go into Jamaa Township and say "Trade me! I have a beta Cami's Frog!" Well, then no one would believe me that it's really beta and just assume I just bought it from Jam Mart Furniture. You see what I'm saying? Thanks for commenting!

    2. Ooh gotcha. Yeah they really need to update the inside of that store. XD

      And yeah it's true the value would be gone. But not the item itself at least. :)

  2. it is kinda different..

  3. the pipe looks a bit different =P
    Anyway nice blog ^_^

    1. Thank you! I knew SOMETHING was different... XD


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