Saturday, August 17, 2013


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Hi Jammers! Sorry things have been a little behind... but this post should clear it up. And, as a matter of fact, I have found glitches with each one. So, the new item yesterday was the Lantern sold in Outback Imports.
The glitch with this one is that the Golden Wattle says "New!" on it, but the Lantern doesn't! What's weird about this is that the Lantern is newer than the Golden Wattle! So that doesn't make any sense.
And the new item for today is the Adventure Base camp music, sold in the Diamond Shop.
The glitch with this is AJHQ misspelled! They used "Bass" instead of "Base"!
Maybe AJHQ needs to use spell check... Anyway, for today's update, I found a new Adventure prize! The Slingshot.
It will probably be for sale next week. Now, for "New Jammer". It was first spotted by Snowyclaw, but I took some new screenshots.
So, AJHQ has to look at each and every username of the Jammers that have just made accounts. Until that happens, they're just called "New Jammer".  Lastly, here's another glitch sent in by ilovesoren!
The Lantern necklace seems to be going through the octopus's arm! Isn't that weird? Anyway, that's it for today! Happy Jamming everyone!


  1. Your welcome! Did you read the bottom part what i wrote under your name? Well if you didn't it said you get a post all about you on my blog its not neccasary but if you want to then you can just end it to you can have pictures in it or whatever you want. Let me know if you want.

  2. Ok! You don't have to, but that'd be nice! And I have just the same for you (a post about you). Check my blog tomorrow.
    Thanks again!!

    1. Lol thats funny you get a post about you on my blog i get a post about me on your blog, Haha :D Did i win this from epic den of the month?

  3. oh also i am sending you your fox hat right now :D

  4. Neros, I was just wondering have you taken the pictures of my den yet?

  5. I noticed the new Jammer thing first thing of the update! It was first spotted not by just snowy...


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