Sunday, August 25, 2013


Hi Jammers! The new item is the Chalkboard!
Just in time for school. But... what is that language? Japanese? Some made-up language AJHQ made up? I don't know. But I do know that it's pretty cool. Anyway, for today's update, I've noticed some new things with "New Jammer"...
And this. Why does it say "New Jammer" on the buddy request, but says the actual username on the player card???
Doesn't really make sense... Another glitch is this: I saw a nonmember fox today!
And all the accessories on it are member! That also doesn't make sense. Lastly, AJHQ updated Animal Jam Outfitters!
I like the new version better. Anyway, that's it for today! Bye, Jammers!


  1. Those symbols are pretty neat. They almost look Chinese, but a bit different, maybe rougher, like how an animal would write if they could (which is probably the point). Did anyone notice that they're all straight lines? No curved lines.
    That "New Jammer" business is very strange indeed... Maybe AJHQ approved their username but forgot to take out the New Jammer in buddying?
    That fox is really odd... I know how to be a nonmember member animal, but wearing member clothes? I've never seen that before.
    I like the updated version of Animal Jam Outfitters better too. It looks neater, and yet wilder at the same time.
    Anyways, could anyone take a look at my blog? I'm open to any opinions and ideas. Thanks!
    My blog:

    1. Yeah, that is weird with the fox... And I think the symbols ARE Chinese, bur just written by animals? I don't know. I'll be sure to check out your blog!! Thanks for commenting!


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