Friday, August 30, 2013

Giant Gumball Machine

Hi Jammers! The new item today is the Giant Gumball Machine!!! Again, it's so close to beta... and yet so far. Thank goodness!
It's taller, and, (aww, man!) it doesn't give out gumballs if you click on it! :( The beta one did. Now, I want to talk about the rhinos, elephants and giraffes. WHEN WILL THEY EVER COME BACK???!!!! They've been "traveling" for longer than the koalas! And the koalas are back!

Are these African animals leaving for good? What do you think? Because I want to buy a giraffe and an elephant! And I'm sure other Jammers want to, too! If they are leaving, I'm going to send in a complaint! (Hey, it worked the last time on the map! Look!)
And there's Kimbara Outback! Except it's just called "Kimbara"....
XD That's funny! Guess they didn't have enough room... Anyway, the next big thing of the update is.... ANOTHER VIDEO!! But it's coming tomorrow... It's taking forever to load. This one is called "Blossom Tinyhero Tries to Go Up A Slide". It's slow-moving and there's a lot of typos, but that's only because it takes time to type and sometimes my fingers hit the wrong keys! But still. I hope you enjoy it, and it's supposed to be funny! (And is, according to me!)

ANYWAY, we now have 2,000 pageviews! UnFORtunately, I was not able to screenshot 2013 pageviews, but that would be cool! I do have a picture of in 9 years!
And I did get one of exactly 2000 pageviews.
Ok. That's it for today, Jammers, happy Jamming!


  1. Hey neros, Whats up? Thats a lot of views u got there! I wish i had that many! Also just a tip the animal jam potato contest and the hilarious pics when you click on it it just searches it up it dosnt take me to your blog

    1. Ohhh.... I'll have to fix that! Thanks for pointing that out!

    2. Welcome!! :D (Thank goodness you didn't take it offensive some bloggers do and its like WHAT!!!?? I was just trying to help! Feel free to find any glitches with my site

  2. The machine gives gumballs... I have it :P

  3. I wish i had the smaller! :( it looks WAY to massive in my room!



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