Monday, September 9, 2013

Golden Chain Necklace, Wind Tail Armor and Rare Royal Blanket

Hi Jammers! Phewph, that was a long title! Mainly because I've missed so much XP Anyway, first, the Wind Tail Armor came on Saturday.
IT IS SO AWESOME!!! It's also the 6th tail item ever!!!!!! Yes, that's right. Here were the other tail items throughout the years...
1. Skully (copyright above)
2. Raccoon Tail (copyright above)
 3. Elf Tail Armor

4. Phoenix Tail Armor
5. Stegosaurus Tail
And the other items are the Golden Chain Necklace (yesterday) and the Rare Royal Cape (today).

Yay! A member option of the Chain Necklaces! But pricey... and I like the colors of the Rare Royal Blanket! They're really pretty! One last thing. It's a "Monday Mystery", like Snowyclaw has! So, without further ado, here it is!

Answer this: what is Color 1 and Color 2 of my tiger? And how did I get them? 
They're not on the color palate! 
And they didn't come with the tiger! So how did I get them? I'll give you till Wednesday... and post the answers on Thursday! Good luck!


  1. hey neros,
    Umm I know about the light blue but the other one!!! I am stumped the light blue is a secret color that happens when you click in the bottom right corner of the color pallete

    1. Yup. It's tricky! But you got the first one right!

  2. Light blue and the one is darkish blueish ugh! I don't even know what I'm saying here -glamdiva101

  3. Press bottom right corner/side to get light blue and for the darker color press top right corner/slide -glamdiva101

    1. Great job! You win!! Now, I have 3 questions for you.
      Are you a nonmember or a member?
      Is "glamdiva101" your AJ username?
      If not, what is it?

    2. I'm a member though I will be a nonmember soon and glamdiva101is my animal jam username yup! :D -glamdiva101

    3. Woah wait I'm right at BOTH?!?! -glamdiva101

  4. Color 1 is light blue and 2 is dark blue. There the Jamaa blues (that's what I call them :). ) -glamdiva101

    1. Yeah, that sounds like a movie! "The Jamaa blues.... coming to a movie theater near you." XD


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