Thursday, September 12, 2013


Hi Jammers!! Okay, the first thing is the new Medical Center!! It so awesome!!
It currently sells 3 awesome items!
Vonderful! Just vonderful. Oh, wait. Sorry! I was doing my Translivanian accent again.... Anyway, the second update is with the Adventures. First, the Phantom Portal is now for everyone!! Hooray!!!
Poor monkey. He opens his birthday present and phantoms come flying out of it! I would be so sad. Like, what kind of present is that?! But second, there is a new Adventure shop!! Coolio!!! Now I can add to my collection of trapped phantoms!

And we get a sneak peek of the scary next adventure!!! And it's called....
That is severely frightening. It's like a bee hive! THAT would be scary, too! But here's a screenshot of the actual adventure.
AAAAHHHH!!!!!!! That is like, SO creepy! Great artwork, whoever drew that! Lastly, about the adventures, you can now ask a specific person if they want to go on an adventure with you! Totally awesome!!! 
I think that's nice because then your friend doesn't have to be in the same world as you. They can just click "Yes!" or something. I don't know how it works yet, but I think it's that. Okay! Onto the semifinal update-  AJ'S 3RD BIRTHDAY!!!

Hooray!!! I always love falls in Animal Jam because of Halloween (Day of the Phantoms) and AJ's birthday!!! This year's cake is shaped like Mt. Shiveer!
And a penguin comes sliding down the slide if you click on the Hot Cocoa Hut! You can make as many penguins as you want!
Whee! That would be fun- except for the falling-into-ice-cold-water bit. Yowch! Okay. Now for the moment you've all been waiting for! The winner of the blue contest! So, you have to click RIGHT of the light purple is the bottom left!
Glamdiva101 got it right!
Okay, Jammers! That was the end to a VERY long post! But bye now!

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  1. Ehh!! My brother and I share acc and he forgot to put my animal lol -glamdiva101


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