Monday, September 30, 2013


Hello everyone!!! There is SO much new stuff today (well, not from today, but because I missed so much!!! Okay, first of all is the Wristwatch from Thursday (Thursday!!!).
I like it! It looks a bit like those big novelty wristwatches in comics and billboards, sort of. I wonder how it looks on your animal's hand? Okay, onto Friday! The Spiked Mohawk!
Ummm... this item is a bit eccentric! Kind of a hippie-themed one. I wonder if there's more? That would be cool! Onto Saturday! There was 2 items, actually. The Studded Collar from the Diamond Shop...
Ooo! Cool! Kind of like the Spiked Collar, but less spiked. And the second Saturday item was the Moustache (Poo. I like the spelling Mustache!)! Me and my friends are pretty excited because MUSTACHES ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awesome!!! Anyway, yesterday's item was the returning Jellyfish Hat!!
Aww, it's so cute!!! I just want to play with it all day!! But it would probably sting me... ouch. Okay! Today's Rare Item Monday is the Rare Wavy Bookshelf and it's nonmember!! WOOHOO!!! It's also very brightly colored, which is cool!
Yeah. That's it for the items. Now look! Jamaa Township has changed to be Halloweeny!!

Oooo, scary! Okay, there's 1 more thing I wanted to show you. I love these two graphics!!
O love the light flooding out of the Sol Arcade, THAT is cool! And I love the phantoms floating around everywhere! They're a great addition to our DOTP celebration! Okay, bye for now!

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