Friday, September 27, 2013

The Hive

Hey Jammers! Tons of new stuff today.... First, The Hive! A great new adventure, and.... new colors of Alpha Stones?

Woah! Way cool! I wonder if there's going to be a Blue Alpha stone. THAT would be cool. The Hive is actually pretty short! Only 2 parts to it! But it's really hard because you have to do the whole first part in near darkness! And there's phantoms lurking EVERYWHERE, and no Chomper Plants! Just boomseeds.
Oh my Zios, it's scary! Just in time for the Night/Day of the Phantoms!!!!
YAAY!!! PET BATS!!! PET BATS!!! HOORAY!!!! They're my favorite pet, and it's too bad you can't buy them during the rest of the year. They make a great addition to our DOTP celebration, though! Anyway, there's some other great news....
WOOHOO!!! ELEPHANTS ARE FINALLY BACK!!! FINALLY!!!  Oh, and hooray!!! Tarantulas!! 2 spooky pets just in time for DOTP!!! There's also the Adventure Map, in case you get lost, which is great because, like Snowyclaw, I always get lost XP
Oh, hardee har har, AJHQ. "SPOTTED"? "FAST"? I wonder when the cheetah will come out? There my favorite animal EVER, and I suggested them, like, 50000000000000 times, so I'm SUPEREXCITED!!!!!!!! To put an end to our happiness, the awesome Back to School Pack is leaving. :( We'll miss it! It seems really cool!
I wish I had any 3 of those things... But I'm not complaining. After all, I have a hummingbird and I'm a member! But I'd still like to have it.... Anyway, semilastly, the Phantom Vortex has returned! This time, the prize is a Heavy Phantom Statue.

  It's smaller than I thought it was, but it's still cool! And you should try to look at all the fun facts about elephants around Jamaa! Ok, I should really end this post, but I'm really getting into it! If you can't find a Phantom Vortex, here's a hint!
And the Haunted Mansion and Spooky Forest Party have returned!!!
Wow, AJHQ really likes DOTP, I guess! Okay, I'll tell you 3 new items tomorrow and maybe a GIANT PHANTOM... So tune in tomorrow on... "THE ANIMAL JAM POTATO!!!!!!!!" (lol!)


  1. how do you get that heavy phantom??what lvl do you get??
    anyway great blog! ;)))))

  2. Level 5. And thanks!! BTW, I Looked at your blog!!! IT IS EPIC!!!! Thanks for commenting!!!
    P.S. Great AJMV! (It was you, wasn't it? Who got their music video published on AJS?

    1. Oho my best result was lvl 3 ;DD Yeaa thankss for looking my blog i saw ur comments ;))) #happy
      if you think AJMV- how to be a heartbreaker than yes :)) woww i'm glad that you like it ;333
      P.S i luvv your's blog name ! POTATO DAA BEST :DDD

  3. hi it’s b3stdressed!! i can’t wait for the cheetah i hope there for non mems (and if there for members i hope they’ll become for non mems a couple months after like turtles)
    i bet ajhq listened to your suggestions and decided to add it! :D i love cheetahs too!! i once made a tiger, and used the spot pattern (not the blotches the spots XD) and made those black, and i made my top fur yellow and my bottom fur white and my eyes green and i ran around appondale pretending to be a cheetah! XD

    1. Hi!! I know, right? I can't wait for the cheetah either because they are SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope they're nonmember too. I love nonmember animals!!! If they are, I'm gonna buy one on EVERY storage account of mine!!!! I'll try that Appondale thing too, if they're not nonmember (for my nm accounts)....

  4. What does DOPT stand for? sorry i was just woundering..
    And as you may have heard, i changed my main animal to the arctic wolf :P
    Which on did you like the best?

    1. I think I liked the bunny the offense. And sorry I didn't make myself clear- DOTP stands for Day of the Phantoms.


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