Monday, October 7, 2013

AJHQ's Response

Hi Jammers! Here was the email I sent to AJHQ about the things I felt unfair... (See the last post for more on it)
And here was their response.

Hello Jammer,
Thank you for contacting Animal Jam Headquarters!
We truly appreciate your feedback and want to make sure that this gets directly to our developers!
Near the Adventure portal there is a purple question mark. If you click on that, you can give feedback directly to the developers who are reading Jammers' feedback daily! If you do not do this, then unfortunately, they will not see it!
Have fun, be safe and play wild!
Animal Jam HQ
Be sure and come celebrate Animal Jam's 3rd birthday! We have cake and so will you!

Yes I will, thank you very much! And could you, please also do that? Wait, wait a minute. That purple question mark WORKS? I thought everything you sent in there got deleted or something! That's weird. Because I have NEVER had anything (well, except the cheetahs that are coming out, but I've submitted many others) they actually listened to!!!!!!!! I hope this works. That's where you come in. I'd like you to submit at least ONE of these things (again, see the last post) and if you don't want to write out the whole thing, just Command(Mac)/Control (PC)>C this:
I think it's not fair that nonmembers can't host an Adventure because we can't go with our friends.
I don't think it's fair that nonmembers can't look at their chart messages because we like to see what we've just said.
Or something like that. Anyway, (first picture of the post, yay!) the new items are a bunch of spooky items, the first one a Spooky Tree in Epic Wonders!
And a Feathered Mask, also in Epic Wonders!
An AWESOME item, in Sunken Treasures, the Scary Barrel Sponges!! LOVE the idea!
The Haunted Pet Castle (sorry, this is from like a week ago and I didn't notice it till now), returning to Epic Wonders! Cool!!!
The Bat Tombstone! Aww, someone's bat died? that's sad!
The Neck Bolts, for an underwater Frankenstein!
Sold in Bahari Bargains!
Vampire Mask in Jam Mart Clothing!
Hmm, it doesn't seem to have a nose... Anyway, here's a non-spooky item (finally!). The Studded Bracelet, to go along with the awesome Studded Collar!
Diamond Shop!
 And my FAVORITE Halloween item, the Eyeball Hat! I find it hilarious!
And, lastly, the Rare Item Monday, the Scary Bat Wings.
Okay! I think that's about it! So, bye!!


  1. Hi :D!


  2. hi neros geuss what u know that thing u were taking about all that non-member stuff

    geuss what i sent in some thing for it i hope they lisend i think it very unfair for non members ya members its ok wen they had more stuff and more dens but i dint think they would take it this far! its so so so so so so (12 hours later) -_- ZZZZ huh? oh ya so so so so so so so -zzzzzz- so so so so so so so so unfair -sanaban

    1. I totally agree. Nonmembers aren't given a fair chance on AJ.


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