Monday, October 14, 2013

Catching Up

Hi Jammers! I've been missing a lot of stuff in my "AJP" folder on my computer that I THOUGHT I put on here, but apparently didn't.... So let's start with a new ad for Animal Jam.
Why is Greely always frowning? I've never seen him smile. He needs to lighten up! I wish I could meet him and tell him a joke or something... Okay, next on the agenda, I have been COMPLETELY MISSING Bahari Bargains! There's three new items, the Skull Helmet (which looks VERY beta, if you ask me), the Salamander Gills (ummm....? And they look like leaves.), and the Tutu (la la la la la, I think I'll be a ballerina for Halloween this year! Wait, UNDERWATER?!).

 Aaaaand the pet bats. They're very hard to find, so I'll show you. Up on the second floor of the Spooky Party, there is a Ghost Window. And left of that Ghost Window is a crack in the wall- click that, and you can buy a pet bat!
It's cool, but hard! Now, onto the updated Animal Jam Outfitters!! IT'S SO CUTE!!! I love the real-life plushies, they're so adorable!!
And we have The Hive prizes! (Sorry the Fire Drum was glitching out, there it is in my den at the last picture.)
Glowing Mushroom Patch!

Orange Alpha Stone!

Fire Drum!
If you see in my den, when you click on the Fire Drum, there's a phantom cage right above it, so the phantom gets enveloped in flames. Okay, that's enough updates for today! Bye Jammers!

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