Thursday, October 17, 2013

Evil Jack-o-Lantern

Hey Jammers! a bunch of AJ Bloggers today were noticing the winking-ness of our new item, the Evil Jack-o-Lantern, but I just thing he has something in his eye and his face is like that because it hurts.
Oh dear. THAT face is not gonna get him any friends. Maybe my Alphas should watch him as well. Oh, yeah! I haven't told you about my Alphas yet! Silly me. But now I will! So, I recently bought a Haunted Mansion. And I recently bought a lot of statues at the AJ Birthday Party. So I thought, why not combine them? So I did. All my alphas are guarding phantoms. See? there's Greely watching 2 naughty teenagers!
And Otto and Harper and Sir Gilbert all watching a particularly troublesome phantom that we had to put in a cage.
Oh, and down the stairs and outside, there's poor Peck, who has to watch 2 phantoms, and one's pretty big!

And there's Graham! He better be careful, though. Those phantoms could slip through the bars of their cage and escape without him knowing!
I don't like the way they're shifting their eyes like that. Oh, and there's another Peck! I missed her, all the way in the corner. She's watching another teenage troublemaker (that looks like it could be the brother of her sister's phantom, doesn't it? They sort of look alike!)  very menacingly! I would be scared if I was that phantom...
And a third Peck, up on the third floor, taking care of the biggest and worst of them all. We had to chain him to the floor, he's so big. And boy, don't even get me started on what he did to be this way. Hoo boy.
Yikes.... Well, that's it for today, Jammers!! Have a spooktacular day!! (Okay, that sounds kinda lame.)
P.S. Please look at (and comment on, if you want) my pet potato's blog, Spuddie's Superior (but small) Site, which is having its Halloween Fest this month! Link: Click here to go to his blog! Thanks!!!

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