Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Gifts start Tomorrow!!!

Hi Jammers!! Here's the items I missed:
Returning to Jam Mart Furniture

Play-As-Your-Pet Party

P.A.Y.P Party
Returning to Jam Mart Furniture

All-new Striped Scarf in Jam Mart Clothing!
And the RIM, Rare Faerie Wings!
Now, does everyone know that the gifts are starting tomorrow? Because if you don't, well, they are! You get a free gift every day Dec. 1st - Dec. 25th!!! HOORAY!!! I hope we get new gifts to mix it up a little... you know? Do you? Ooo, I wrote a little newspaper article for my school newspaper LAST Jamaalidays, you can look at the "Jamaaliday Gifts" section during the gifts this year to compare.
Click on it to make it bigger. Anyway, I have a little update...

FLOATING OWLS!!! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS???!! Maybe they think they're still at the Play As Your Pet Party...? Can you explain this?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

I'll be Gone :(

Hi Jammers! I'll be gone Sunday- Wedensday (Thursday?). Just so you know. And by the way, the new item is an underwater snowman! Fun!
Bye for now!

Friday, November 22, 2013

This Week in Retrospect

The Rare Old Hood!!! Interesting color scheme, and OMZ!! Those prices keep getting lower and lower!! I wonder if the next one's 350 gems...
The Pencil Table!! What a nice returning item.
The returning Underwater Goggles!!! HOORAY!!!!! Now I can finally see underwater!! This is what Deep Blue looks like for me:
Because I'm shutting my eyes as tight as I can.
A TURKEY HAT!!! Gogglegobblegobblegobble!!! And... (dun dun dun DUN) THE PLAY-AS-YOUR-PET PARTY!!!!! There will be a video on that coming out soon, but for now here's some screenshots!!!!

And the real thing!!!
That's a strange fountain...

There's Pet Wash!!!

And Pet Stop!!
Ooo! A shop!!
And it's even more exciting from above!!

What we've all been waiting for... THE SECRET SHOP!!!!

Here's what all these sell:
Card (land) shop!
Great music..great price. The music shop!
Hooray! I hope you can go to the party! Bye now!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Updated Trading Party!

Hi Jammers! Well, what do we have here? An updated trading Party! A party hasn't been updated for a year and a half, so this is pretty rare! (speaking of "rare, the Trading Party only used to have rare items as decorations. They kept those, but there's some more recent items too!)
Huh! Well, THERE'S an item we've never seen before! Check out that blue couch Duchess is sitting on! Never-before-seen couches! AMAZING! Maybe it'll come into stores this winter! *UPDATE FROM DEC. 22* No, that's just the Conch Couch from Sunken Treasures. Pointed out helpfully by Cloudclaws! :) And check out that table! It used to be EMPTY, but now it's full of modern items!
Then, a Ship in a Bottle on top of The Claw! And a 2012 Fantasy Castle flower bouquet! Very nice!
Then, zooming out from those, we see a Bunny Rug! Oo, and some Treetop Gardens decoration! Awesome!!! And I almost forgot, behind me is some Balloons from the Summer Carnival this year!!!
Wow, AJHQ went as far as putting prizes from various events in! And some from other parties, like those Barrels from the Horses Only Party! And RETURNING betas! AJHQ's trying to trick me, but I know those pots weren't there before.
They've even spruced up that little brick thing outside! Now you can warm your feet and sit down while still being outside and looking at the snow.
But what's a party if there isn't a downstairs? Lastly, AJHQ put a modern twist on the bottom floor of the Trading Party with items from late 2012 and 2013. Happy Trading! Hope you can go to this awesome, updated party!

Monday, November 11, 2013


WOW!! Look at that Rare Unicorn Horn! Rare Item Mondays are NEVER that cheap!
450! Wow! You should all take advantage of this! Great item, great price!! And I like those colors. Green and purple unicorns, UNITE!!!!!!! Okay, let's get on to the update.

Awesome!!!! An Adventure ad, and then a shaman one, and -oo!- Best Dressed! Haven't seen that one before! Cool! Anyway, I found a strange Adventure glitch...
Hmm, I don't think that monkey can break through a phantom web! He's so scared, he turned invisible! Actually, 2 of them did that, and it was a little weird when  Dolores said "I think it will take at least 5 of us to open the Phantom Gate!" and there was only 3 of us. (We still opened the Phantom Gate.)
And when someone said:

"Together"? There's nobody there! Sometimes, I just don't know about those monkeys. Anyway, it's time for me to get off, so byeee!!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Signs, Mushrooms, and Pilgrims

Hi Jammers! Today's new items are the Pilgrim Hat and the Mushroom Table!
Jam Mart Furniture

Jam Mart Clothing
Interesting! But I think it's a little sad that AJHQ doesn't celebrate the Feast of Thanks more. They only write articles about it in the Jamaa Journal and put out 2 new clothing items. Thoughts? Oh, and the Sol Arcade put up a sign for all games gems x2!
Oh, Zios, sorry this is such a short post. But I have to go... bye!

Saturday, November 9, 2013


Hi Jammers! It is officially fall in Animal Jam!!! And that means.... SNOW!!! No, not in AJ. But it is snowing right now, as I'm typing this, where I am. Anyway, there are leaf items in AJ right now!

The Maple Leaf Rug was from yesterday. The Leaf pile is from today. But YAY!! LEAVES!!! And with that leaf pile, you could put it under a tree, and it would look like the tree had shed! That's a nonmember option for the fall Epic Seasonal Tree, by the way. Okay! Onto the update! I found something weird. Is it a glitch? Is it an update? 
The gemv prices are shoved off to the left, and the gems at the bottom are bolded! Strange. Does this occur to you? Let me know in the comments. But for now, bye! See you later!

Pet Rules

Oh hey, you've made it to the bottom of the page. Well, now that you're here, it's now your responsibility to make sure the pets get fed. So:
1. Feed Pete 2 or 3 fish. DON'T FEED HIM MORE THAN THAT!! He'll fall over!
2. Over on the Fun Stuff page, feed the fishes about 15 pieces of food (5 clicks) Don't let the red one eat all the food! She's very greedy.
3. And finally, feed Rosie who is also on the Fun Stuff page. She needs about 2 apples and 1 piece of broccoli every day. She loves being brushed, so you should pet her with the brush too!

That's all! Now go feed them. THEY'RE HUNGRY. Oh, and by the way did I mention they need these daily?