Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cosmo FREAKS OUT and more!

Hi Jammers!! Today we have a big update! Cosmo has froken out (oh, Liza, that just sounds weird) and made nonmembers able to play his adventure.
Aww, that's sweet! He's thankful! I thought he had just gone beserk, like in that picture above. Okay, now for a new animal!
Hmm, what could it be?
I think it's a constipated brown warthog with a vacuum cleaner up it's nose. What do you think?Anyway, here's the next part of the update.
The Mushroom Hut is back!!! Yay!!! I was thinking it was gone forever!! And Hard Mode of The Great Escape!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! PAGE 4 IS FULL OF SURPRISES!!!! (And yes, I sound like a children's book character!)
Hmm, games! I knew about the game invites but YAY!! Overflow and Super sort are x4 gems! Think I'm bonkers? Well, watch this video on Overflow! I can't get it to be shown below, but there it is up top! Yeah, Overflow and Super Sort were already x2, so now that they're OFFICIALLY x2, they're x4! Okay, this doesn't make a whole lot of sense. All right, here's today's new item!
The Fancy Shoes! Hooray for fancy shoes. Ever played the game Fancy Pants? These could go along with that! Okay, here's a little update I made!
It changed! It actually changed a while ago, but it changed all the same! Sigh.  It used to have a gift box (monthly member gifts) but now it has that diamond. :( I miss MMGs. But here's the very last part of the update:
OMZ!!!! YAY!!!! A NEW GAME!!! Like Tunnel Town!!! Okay, I have to go. Later!

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