Saturday, November 16, 2013

Updated Trading Party!

Hi Jammers! Well, what do we have here? An updated trading Party! A party hasn't been updated for a year and a half, so this is pretty rare! (speaking of "rare, the Trading Party only used to have rare items as decorations. They kept those, but there's some more recent items too!)
Huh! Well, THERE'S an item we've never seen before! Check out that blue couch Duchess is sitting on! Never-before-seen couches! AMAZING! Maybe it'll come into stores this winter! *UPDATE FROM DEC. 22* No, that's just the Conch Couch from Sunken Treasures. Pointed out helpfully by Cloudclaws! :) And check out that table! It used to be EMPTY, but now it's full of modern items!
Then, a Ship in a Bottle on top of The Claw! And a 2012 Fantasy Castle flower bouquet! Very nice!
Then, zooming out from those, we see a Bunny Rug! Oo, and some Treetop Gardens decoration! Awesome!!! And I almost forgot, behind me is some Balloons from the Summer Carnival this year!!!
Wow, AJHQ went as far as putting prizes from various events in! And some from other parties, like those Barrels from the Horses Only Party! And RETURNING betas! AJHQ's trying to trick me, but I know those pots weren't there before.
They've even spruced up that little brick thing outside! Now you can warm your feet and sit down while still being outside and looking at the snow.
But what's a party if there isn't a downstairs? Lastly, AJHQ put a modern twist on the bottom floor of the Trading Party with items from late 2012 and 2013. Happy Trading! Hope you can go to this awesome, updated party!


  1. No offense but that's the conch couch sold in Sunken Treasures.
    I like the new design! :)

    1. And thank you! Glad you like my turkey potato!

  2. Oh my Zios I am embarrassed. Thank you so much for the correction! I will fix that right away. Gosh, why am I so clueless sometimes?!

    1. Cloudclaws not signed inNovember 22, 2013 at 12:42 AM

      Its alright, everyone makes mistakes. :)


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