Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Knitted Sweater and New Years Party

Hey jammers! Sorry for the spazzy/lack of posts lately, I was doing them on my kindle, and I don't have anything good to post about on there...(plus AJP was closed!) but now I'm back on the computer! Yay! Ok, back to the post.
The last item of the year is here! And it is all new! Unfortunately, it's members only, but nonmembers have the Holiday Sweater, right? Now everyone can be happy! I think.
Ooo! It's pretty! It would be very snuggly and warm.... Anyway, for our little update, I'm trying a Tuesday Mystery (kinda like Snowyclaw's Monday Mystery.), and here it is!
Poor Zios. He fell from the sky years ago. But what is that blue and white dust? Is he sending out a message to his dear wife Mira? Is that something someone sprinkled on him a long time ago to mourn him, but Zios's breathing makes it come up? Egggghhhhhhh!!!! That would be very creepy.  Tell your answer in the comments. But first-
It is New Years Eve, after all! Are you gonna stay up till midnight? I am. I'm so excited for 2014!!!! I remember feeling this way last year, for 2013!!! Wow, this year really flew by. It seems like I just created this blog- that was almost 9 months ago. That is insane!!!!! Well, back to the topic of partying, I may have my first giveaway in the new year.....maybe not though. We'll just have to wait and see!! Mwahahaha!!! Ok, there's another party that you MIGHT wanna hear about.... it's the New Years Party 2014!!!
Here's some screenshots:

Heh heh, could you tell those were from last year? But it's pretty much the same this year. Even the items in 2 of the stores are the same!

And now. The one and only.....DEN SHOP!!! The only one that changes its items year to year!
Still, they all have the banner and the firework, and this year, the Wolf Firework too. See?
(from last year)
Anyway. Good day and happy New Year, I'll see you in 2014!!!!!!

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