Friday, December 20, 2013

Topiaries and a new adventure!

Hey Jammers! There's a scary new adventure called Greely's Inferno, here's a video and some screenshots:

Woah! Graham appears! So that's 4/6 shamans (Peck and Sir Gilbert have yet to appear.)
 And oh my Celestia, a volcano erupts.
But, unfortunately, I don't think Greely made it. Poor guy, he was trapped in the volcano when it erupted. But, you never know... maybe it's revealed in the 7th
adventure. Here's what I got as a prize:
As you can see, the first part is snowy, just in time for the Jamaalidays. Which reminds me! The Animal Jam Potato will be closed Dec. 23-Jan. 1st. Sorry for the inconvenience! Anyway, there's a funny new item today:
Reindeer poop! Seriously, when I first saw this on someone's trade list, I thought it was a glitch or a joke or something. AJHQ has a weird sense of humor. Oh, and there's some snowy lit topiary in Treetop Gardens! (All new items, and an even newer Deer Topiary at the bottom!)

Awesome!! I hope you buy some. If you can't , check out the "Buy-One-Give-One System!" part of this blog. Ok, I'll see y'all tomorrow, happy Jammin'!


  1. Why you close on meh???? WHHHHHHYYYYYY!!!!!!!

    1. I know!!! OPEN UP AJ!!! I wonder what the "update" is...?

  2. sorry about not commenting on chu blog but now im followen it yay! also i was wondering if u still know what my blog is called incase u dont know


    oh and do u watch doc-tor-who doctor who its on bbc

  3. Hey sanaban! We missed ya! And of course I haven't forgotten your blog, it's too awesome to forget! And sadly, I don't watch Dr. Who, but I've definitely heard of it!


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