Friday, January 24, 2014

Eagles and Potatoes!!!!!

Hi Jammers!! Eagles are coming!!! Look!
See? Look at the capital letters on the far left. It spells out "eagles", just like in Taylor Swift's lyric booklets!! (She has hidden messages in there that can be deciphered if you spell out all the capital letters.) Anyway, you may be wondering why I had that "Once in a blue potato" background up for a few days, then took it down. If you didn't get to see it, here it is:
I was messing around on a painting site, and so I did the negatives of the regular potato background, and I was like: "Oh! That looks like a moon- a blue moon!" After that I just wrote the words on it, and put it on here. But! The reason I only had it up here for a few days were because:
  1. If you become a member on this blog on that day, you win a rare item.
  2. It only appears "once in a blue potato" as it says, so it only appears once every few months.
Okay, that last one didn't really apply to the contest, but yeah. So Duchess Berrybunny, you will be getting a rare item soon! So yeah! Another thing about the update- all dens are 50% off!
I was trying to screenshot this, but it looks like AJHQ beat me to it...
And there is new tabs on the World Map!
The Epic Dens is updated, and now you can go to an adventure using the world map.
This is what the Adventure tab looks like:
And, to end...
It's that ol' time again! Be on the lookout for the awesome Friendship Parties. I have some screenshots from last year's that I can show you if I don't get the time to make a tour video. Alright, happy Jamming! See ya later!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gifs and Trees

What is this constant poking in my head???!!!!!! Ow! Ow! Ow!
Here's another cool gif:
Hey, look at Zios! He's having a party, throwing confetti up!
This is from an awesome game called Snail Bob 3. He doesn't seem to be getting anywhere!
I know I've shown this before,  but it's just too funny. He's drinking peacefully, and then he's just going nuts! All right, let's get on task. The new items are the Tall and Big Pine Trees.
 Nice!! I like winter, it's my favorite season, and I especially like the big fat tree, it reminds me of a Christmas tree. It's very pretty! You can see it in my den here:
And there is a cute little Pet Ice Rink that came out a few days ago.
Awww, look at the little penguins playing ice hockey! I'm gonna put some of my pets in the bleachers. Of course, they would be giants and squish everybody in the bleachers... so I might just put them outside the rink. Oh, and before we go, we have another new member!!!!!
Wow!! That's awesome!!! 2 new members in 2 days!! That NEVER happens!! Well, anyway, thanks so much Duchess Berrybunny, you're now an official part of AJP!! And you get a special prize I'll tell you guys more about tomorrow... Bye!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Old/new members, leg armor and messed-up DE posts!

Hi Jammers! Today's Rare Item Monday is the Rare Leg Armor.
Nice colors! I like that it looks earthy and blends into the ground. Oh, and this counts for the Buy-one-give-one system, if you wanna get this for free! Alright, now onto the update. We have two new members on the blog!!!!!
 Congratulations, B Henshall and AllRiseSilver, you're now an official part of AJP!!! Let's give them a round of applause! (Something like this:)
Gosh, why am I so weird. Well, for the second and last part of our update, AJHQ messed up on this article about the Play-As-Your-Pet Party. Take a look, can you find 3 things wrong?
First: Uhhh... that's not what it looks like, AJHQ! That's the Pets ONLY Party. See? The Play-as-your-pet one looks like this:
This is the Pets Only:
Also, the background in the picture is from September, not November when the party came out. Thirdly, all the parties say "Go Now!" when in reality you can only go to one at a time. Oh, and as an extra bonus point, they didn't even say "Pay-as-your-pet party" below the picture, they said "Pet-Only-Party!" I mean, did they even EDIT this post before releasing it? Eh, no matter. just thought it was funny. Well, goodbye, I have to go. See you soon!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Awesome new videos, owls, and coming soons.....

Hey Jammers! Here's a great  new video to start off this post:

I especially like it because I'm obsessed with Owl City. Great job to the people who made it!!!!! So, pet owls are back! Yay!
I like that picture, it's pretty,. Oh, and also there's probably going to be something new that has something to do with birds.
Oh, the suspense! And by the way, the new items are two that appear to both  be in Jam Mart Clothing, but one isn't.

The first one is awesome! It's just like the one in real life, the one you can buy from AJ Outfitters. (Except that one's about big cats.) Here's the picture:
But the second one is strange- it's not a clothing item at all! You can't wear the Ice Skates! How ridiculous is that?!? Well, anyway, to finish, I'm working on a music video, one for Shooting Star (by Owl City). It will be out before the end of the month, but I don't have a YouTube account. That might be a problem... I am going to ask my parents if I can. But until then, that's it for today. See ya later and have a great rest of your day!!!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Rare Spartan Helmets and Dreamy Foxes

Hi Jammers! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. The Rare Item Monday is the Rare Spartan Helmet!!!!!
I sorta like it.... not too much though... the colors should be brighter. And I don't like gray...or black...or dark red. LOL!!! Anyway, the stuff I missed is:
Oh, hello, AJHQ! Where did you come from? Well, I think they're trying to tell me something.... I wonder what it is? Oh, I know! I missed:
  • The Ice Prison (yesterday, Jan. 5th)
  • The Frozen Torch (thanks, AJHQ! Jan. 4th)
  • The Ice Cube Chair (Jan. 3rd)
And that's it. Well, for today's update, I found a cute new ad for AJ!
    Awww, that fox is dreaming of items.... Ooo, speaking of dreaming, there's a dreamy post about the Fantasy Castle on the Daily Explorer, you might want to check it out! Click here to see it! Ok, still on the subject of dreamy things, I am a magical princess and shall grant you a wish!
Except I get to choose the wish. Hee hee! The wish is for another update with this post. Did you know that Arctic Wolves on AJ would be good in a fire? They can

I bet you didn't. But one thing that they AREN'T good at is being smart. (Well, at least the ones on AJ. The ones in real life are actually quite smart!)
I know what's in there, Bouncing! SLUDGE! Wonderful sludge! All over your face! Wouldn't that be great?  Well, I gotta go. See you tomorrow!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snowflake Table and Deer Merchandise


I decided to use that for a change! Well, today's new item is the
And it is a new year!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is AJP's 2nd year, and I am not gonna quit the blog anytime soon!!! (despite rumors someone put on here, which I deleted.) And I hope everyone has a super duper uper epicly awesome year!!!! So yeah!! Happy 2014!! Anyway, back to the Snowflake Table. I think it's a great item to decorate your den, and a great winter addition to your den! (though make sure your food doesn't slip off!)
Oooo! A deer toy! And it's Santa Deer! How cute!
                                ! he says.
Yes, we know that Santa Deer.
Who? What friend?
                  Red arrows Animation

Ohhhh, THAT guy. Well, good! We found a Deer Plushie! Awww, he's so cute!!! I found a purple and pink kind in the Claw, but forgot to take screenshots. Sorry! Well, just imagine him being purple and pink. Or, actually, I have a better idea!

Except those look slightly like they had a seizure with a paintball gun in their hands. Anyway, gotta go, enjoy the rest of your day!

Pet Rules

Oh hey, you've made it to the bottom of the page. Well, now that you're here, it's now your responsibility to make sure the pets get fed. So:
1. Feed Pete 2 or 3 fish. DON'T FEED HIM MORE THAN THAT!! He'll fall over!
2. Over on the Fun Stuff page, feed the fishes about 15 pieces of food (5 clicks) Don't let the red one eat all the food! She's very greedy.
3. And finally, feed Rosie who is also on the Fun Stuff page. She needs about 2 apples and 1 piece of broccoli every day. She loves being brushed, so you should pet her with the brush too!

That's all! Now go feed them. THEY'RE HUNGRY. Oh, and by the way did I mention they need these daily?