Friday, January 24, 2014

Eagles and Potatoes!!!!!

Hi Jammers!! Eagles are coming!!! Look!
See? Look at the capital letters on the far left. It spells out "eagles", just like in Taylor Swift's lyric booklets!! (She has hidden messages in there that can be deciphered if you spell out all the capital letters.) Anyway, you may be wondering why I had that "Once in a blue potato" background up for a few days, then took it down. If you didn't get to see it, here it is:
I was messing around on a painting site, and so I did the negatives of the regular potato background, and I was like: "Oh! That looks like a moon- a blue moon!" After that I just wrote the words on it, and put it on here. But! The reason I only had it up here for a few days were because:
  1. If you become a member on this blog on that day, you win a rare item.
  2. It only appears "once in a blue potato" as it says, so it only appears once every few months.
Okay, that last one didn't really apply to the contest, but yeah. So Duchess Berrybunny, you will be getting a rare item soon! So yeah! Another thing about the update- all dens are 50% off!
I was trying to screenshot this, but it looks like AJHQ beat me to it...
And there is new tabs on the World Map!
The Epic Dens is updated, and now you can go to an adventure using the world map.
This is what the Adventure tab looks like:
And, to end...
It's that ol' time again! Be on the lookout for the awesome Friendship Parties. I have some screenshots from last year's that I can show you if I don't get the time to make a tour video. Alright, happy Jamming! See ya later!


  1. That's really cool! Maybe eagles will be NM!!!!!!
    Thabks fir the prize! :)

    1. They are ooper doper super animals, chances that they will 95% or not 50%

  2. Oh my Zios, that would be amazing... there hasn't been a new NM animal in YEARS! And are you nonmember? If not I will send your prize to you.

  3. Ok sorry if its too late..but..
    About the contest on my blog, it you can't enter from email, maybe you could post it on something else and give me the link? Like Youtube or something.


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