Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gifs and Trees

What is this constant poking in my head???!!!!!! Ow! Ow! Ow!
Here's another cool gif:
Hey, look at Zios! He's having a party, throwing confetti up!
This is from an awesome game called Snail Bob 3. He doesn't seem to be getting anywhere!
I know I've shown this before,  but it's just too funny. He's drinking peacefully, and then he's just going nuts! All right, let's get on task. The new items are the Tall and Big Pine Trees.
 Nice!! I like winter, it's my favorite season, and I especially like the big fat tree, it reminds me of a Christmas tree. It's very pretty! You can see it in my den here:
And there is a cute little Pet Ice Rink that came out a few days ago.
Awww, look at the little penguins playing ice hockey! I'm gonna put some of my pets in the bleachers. Of course, they would be giants and squish everybody in the bleachers... so I might just put them outside the rink. Oh, and before we go, we have another new member!!!!!
Wow!! That's awesome!!! 2 new members in 2 days!! That NEVER happens!! Well, anyway, thanks so much Duchess Berrybunny, you're now an official part of AJP!! And you get a special prize I'll tell you guys more about tomorrow... Bye!


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    1. Thanks! it was just an old collection I felt like sharing one day, I'm glad you like them! XD


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