Monday, February 24, 2014


Hooray! Eagles have finally arrived! I shall give you a guide to these beautiful birds on Tuesday, when I get my membership back and my last diamond. Yes, they are in the Diamond Shop, which I'm not too happy about. Here is what they look like:
Aren't they awesome-looking? Here are some in Jamaa:
Cool!!!! So, there is a new game, too. I'm happy because we haven't had a new game in AGES. The last one was Hedge Hog, and that came out in summer 2012! It's called "Swoopy Eagle", but it's really just Flappy Bird. (Flappy Bird is a game for your smartphone or tablet. it involves tapping to make the bird go through the blocks and it is SUPER HARD!!!!! Well, in my opinion.) I got a high score, but I'm not sure why. (I am terrible at it.)
 And there some returning rares.
I am not happy about returning rares! I don't think it's fair for the people who were on in beta to lose all what the rare was worth. I mean, I think it is okay for newer Jammers who have truly want a specific rare/been looking for a specific rare for a while, but not for scammers who think they can trade a say, worthless Diamond Shop rainbow cloud for a real rare rainbow cloud. That's just not right.  Do you agree? Vote!!!! ---------->
Well, to end on a happier note, I have a poem about eagles! So, here goes.

A poem by neros1234

Today, today! Is finally here!
The day in which eagles come near. 
Today, today! Bees, out of your hive!
The day in which eagles arrive.

For years, AJ has had no flying.
(But certainly lots of phantoms dying.)
...until now.

For years, we haven't seen their faces.
They've been to quite far-off places,
That we haven't seen! 
...until now.

On this Thursday, if you have
Enough diamonds to take a bath,
Buy one! Buy one! Please, please do.
They're awesome, I encourage you.

I hope ypu enjoyed this poem by your host,
But now- go fly!


  1. I really like the poem :)

    1. Thank you!!! I wrote it a couple weeks ago specifically for when eagles came! :)


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