Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Me is nonmember????!!!!

Hi Jammers! Interesting new item today, the Nesting Liza Doll! I can give you some more information about them- (nesting dolls) they originated in Russia and are also called matryoshka dolls. The first set was carved in 1890 by Vasily Zvyozdochkin (cool last name!) according to Wikipedia. This is what they first looked like:
And here is the Liza one:
Cool! I wonder if they're going to make some for each shaman. That would be awesome! Well, onto some more depressing news. As you may have noticed, by the fact that the member lock is closed on the above screenshot (or just by the darn title of this post), I am apparently nonmember. I'm not sure how it happened, maybe my parents forgot to renew it or something? Here is is the sign for any of you that would like to know.
I'll try to get it worked out. Ugh, my koala looks so naked without all her accessories! Anyway. If you head off to AJ Academy, they're already ahead of the game and made a printable-colorable bald eagle poster. Neat, huh?
I think you should print it out if you have a printer! It looks cool! Lastly, for anyone who wants it, this is the Friendship Party guide:

Note these pictures are from last year, I haven't been to one this year, so I don't know if it changed at all. Here are the items:
And, to end, I have some pictures to repost.
These are ©PAWS, (not mine, I didn't create them!) the blog link is:
I really think you should read them. They have great message about stopping animal cruelty.

That's all for today, Jammers! Have a great day!

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