Saturday, March 1, 2014

Aquamarine Tardis'

Hi Jammers! Today's new item is the Aquamarine Birthstone!
Happy early birthday to people who's birthdays are in March!!! I can buy anybody a birthstone if they trade me something good. (Just kidding! See the "Buy-one-Give-One System!" page for details.) Well, now that that's out of the way...
I have a TON of tardis linearts, so if you don't want them stop reading right now. (Sorry- you're awesome too! You can also still view them if you'd like.) So, without further ado, here they are!
Here was my base.
A sort of blueprinty-ish one, don't you think?
This one I'm kind of scared of.
A bit like the first one, except the tardis is more visible and blue.
This one kind of hurts your eyes to look at....
A reflecting-in-water tardis! Fill in the background whatever color you'd like.
Shed some light on the situation!
Here is Valentine's Tardis #1. It's a bit intense, but there's another softer one.
This one I call the "Clementine Tardis".
Same as before, except with a blue background.
Kaleidescope tardis!!! Awesome!!!
Would you believe this once was a tardis?
Black-and-white tardis!
Black-and-white tardis with heavy light.
I told you there'd be a softer Valentine's Tardis!
Blueprint tardis

A true blue tardis!

All black and white!
This doesn't look very much like a tardis....
This sorta does...
This totally does!
It's leaving. Back to 1958.
This one freaks me out too....
This one's awesome!!
Ok, this is called the "Tardis Test"- can you see the tardis? Look closely. Then turn your computer up a little bit, or move your head down, and presto! It appears! It's just like when a tardis appears in Doctor Who!
i hope you enjoyed them. If you use them, please credit me. They were done using photoediting on this site. Ok, bye now!!! Happy March!!! 

*People that watch Doctor Who, if you're not familiar with the term.


  1. YOU LIKE DR. WHO?! Lol. heres meh fav line: "And stay out!" (11th Dr. throwing bread out the door XD)

    1. No, I LOVE Doctor Who!!!!!! For my favorite line, I can't decide between "Because fezzes are cool!" (and then Amy throws the fez and Riversong shoots it) and Tennant's "FINGERS ON LIPS!!!!"(wouldn't he make a great preschool teacher? XD) They're both hilarious!!!


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