Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Clover Tubes

Hi Jammers! I got an eagle! (finally!) Here is what she looks luike:
 And I promised you that as soon as I did, I'd give you a tour, so here's one! To start, the actions: (Screencast-o-Matic was being poopy, so I can't have GIFS.)
Dance (she's a groovy eagle!)
Play (part 1: takeoff)
Play (part 2: circling)
Hoppity hoppity hop hop hop! (Well, hop and fly...)
And lastly, sleeping on a cloud! (Sparkle was tired out from all that playing!)
Now, onto cool new places! There's the Sarepia Slide which I can now rest on...
 I saw some phantoms while I was flying by and thought I'd show you...
 Now I know how that weaverbird feels...
 Here's some more yellow sky at Mt. Shiveer!
Those were cool, but did you know there is a giant elephant in Temple of Zios that we didn't know about?
TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! I noticed it on the map, but nobody (except glitchers) has seen this yet!! I have a few more.
We see a whole new part of Jamaa Township!

Hmm where does this sign lead me?
Hello, little froggy!
O.O OMIGOSH!!! AWESOME!!! A secret eagles-only area! I wonder if there was an eagles-only adventure long ago but it got destroyed... (Eagles currently can't do adventures.) Well, anyway, I guess I should tell about the Clover Tubes, since that's what this post is about, shouldn't I? Here they are, they're an underwater item.
Aren't they neat? I'm totally gonna buy some. Just right for the Lucky Day festivities!! Well, that's it. Goodbye and have a good day!!


  1. Nice eagle! I'm actually very jealous now... But nice eagle!

    1. Yes... are you a member? If so, keep waiting! You'll get enough diamonds someday!!

    2. If not, then..... that's sad.

  2. cool! i got a membership card the day after eagles came out XD i had a snow day that day :3


    1. OMZ that is so annoying!!! I got my membership the Tuesday after eagles came out, and had 9 diamonds, but then it wouldn't let me get a diamond until the next Tuesday, and it was so frustrating!!


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