Monday, March 24, 2014

Invisible News Sharks

I have joined another blog!! It is The Animal Jam Cruise Ship, click here to see it! I will be posting every Friday, so check then. It's usually run by Londonpie, one of my friends. I suggest you should check out her posts, they're pretty awesome!
Also, I made a The Animal Jam Potato app! it's not on the Amazon App Store or the App Store yet, but if I pay $25 I can get it on there. Unfortunately, I only have 2 weeks to do that. If you'd like to donate 50 cents or something, that would be great but you TOTALLY DON'T have to. Anyway, you can preview it by clicking here if you have Safari or Chrome as a browser. (I'm sorry other browser-users, I use Chrome and that's just how I got it to work. If I find a way to access it with all browsers, I'll do that. But beware: it becomes void April 7th.) Oh, and you have to grab the screen with your mouse and move it down and up to scroll. Anyway, today's Rare Item Monday is the Rare Shark Fin!
Ooo, nice colors. It's a take on the old beta Shark Fin. And really cheap for an RIM! I'm impressed! And guess what? In 2 weeks, I bet an April Fools' item will come out because that's the closest Monday to April Fools' Day. I wonder if it will be as popular as the Rare Cupcake Hat. And YES, I will be doing something crazy for AFD! Beware, because the blog's gonna be all messed up. Heh heh. Anyway, for our update, we have this:
I found some trading ghosts in the Adventure Base Camp! There was more:
What's weird is only some appeared. And more!
Also, my nametag seemed to want to be the center of attention and be in front of EVERYTHING. From people to buildings.

Weird, huh? Well, I gotta go. See ya tomorrow! And don't forget to check out those two links!

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