Sunday, March 30, 2014

More things to do with an Eagle + April Fool's Party

Hello!! Today we have more random things about eagles.
#754: Sit on a slide.
#239: Take a peek at the people in Epic Wonders.
#11: Disappear. (sort of.)
 We can all see you, Sparkle. Anyway, the new item is the Milkshake Hat.
Mmm, all the hats look good. xcept the Cheese Hat.
That looks delicious, Bouncing, but we have to get on to other matters. Which are the April Fool's Party! Here's the video of it:

Isn't it great? I love all the upside-down-ness and stuff. And did you see the upside-down shark fin in the Phantom Room? Weeird! And scary. Anyway, here are the items:

Funky! I have the Upside-Down Chandelier, Sconce, Tea Set and Potted Plant. And look- everything in the den shop is all weirdly priced. Oh! In the party there is different things to click on to get you different things. Here is a list of all of them:
SHAMROCK: Click the mushroom on the right.
SUN: Click around this fence. OR:
Click this mushroom.
SNOW CONES: Click around the koi pond. I'm, not sure exactly, but i know they're all around the koi pond.


CARROT: Ok, so you see that little face in the grass next to Sparkle? Click the grass in his mouth.
CARROT: Or click the face by the fence's mustache.
GHOST: Ok, so look at the bridge. Go left from that. The 2nd mushroom (and the biggest) is where you should click.)
MOON: Somewhere at the top, I'm not sure.
ANCHOR: That lil' mushroom over there at the top of the party.
GLOWSTICK: Edge of the upside down castle, near the fence.
And the starfish is somewhere, I could not find it. Anyway, hope you find this helpful, and have a great day!!

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