Monday, March 31, 2014

Musical Headphones

Hi Jammers! I got today's new item and found that it was already playing some awesome music!!
(Notice how it's a weird price? It's the April Fool's RIM!)
I jammed to it for a few minutes, then thought I'd share it with you! So here it is. Roll over "Listen to Music" to choose a song. It was mainly Owl City, but there was a classical song in there too. So enjoy!!! For our update, I made a weird little picture book/poem. It just came to me one day, so I decided to write and illustrate it. So here it is!
Page 1!!

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4
Isn't it strange/ I thought so too. Anyway, it's spring for the Epic Seasonal Tree!
It's flowers are budding!! That must be a sign that spring is coming!! Thank Mira. It's been a long winter, especially where I live. So yay!! Spring!! And music!! And a weird little picture book! What's not to like?

Jam to the music and have a lovely day!!


  1. woah your blog is so crazy!!!!!!! (the background)

  2. and i love the song too! really summer-ish!!!!!! I LOOVE SUMMER!!!!! and i love how thiis artist sings!

    1. Yeah, me too. The other songs are by the same artist- Owl City.

  3. Thanks!! Try clicking one of the pages.


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