Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Highest and Lowest Places in Jamaa

Hi Jammers! Today's updates bring us to all corners of Animal Jam.First, seahorses for everyone!!! Yay!!!!
Go to Flippers 'n Fins to get your own. Here's my Seagirl:
AJHQ even gives a notice about it!
 And now for some not-so exciting news:
NOOOOOO!!!!! NOT PANDAS!!!! The rhinos and giraffes traveled in February 2013 and are STILL not back!!! I don't want that happening to my 2nd favorite animal!! I wish AJHQ wouldn't have traveling. I wish the shamans could just travel on their own to find new lands. But, on with the update.
We have some new shops at the highest and lowest places. The Royal Ridge, at the top of Coral Canyons...
...and the Den Shop at the bottom of Deep Blue!
Aren't they awesome? If you're wondering where Royal Ridge is, it's right above Den Depot.
And it sells these items.
Ooo, lookathat Rack of Rare Clothing! I wish it was real rare clothes... But it's mighty expensive, so I'm not gonna buy it. The second-to-last part of the Jamaa Journal is about the Lucky Day festivities.

Oh, and Brady Barr's awesome pets! And for the last part of the update, we get a hint of a new adventure....
Poor Greely. I wonder what happened to him. Well, we'll find out soon enough. And, of course, the new item....
The Clover Chair!
All right, bye Jammers! See ya later!


  1. LOVE YOUR BLOG! -glamdiva101

  2. oh and neros, how do you put those comment rules below your post?



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