Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Search For Greely

Hi Jammers! Today's new item is the Nesting Peck Doll. Interesting addition to the Nesting Doll collection!
Peck is my favorite shaman, so I'll probably buy it even though it's very expensive. Now, onto news. There's a new adventure! It's a little scary, and it's VERY hard. I bet you're not going to complete it on your first try.
Here is the adventure:
he writes: "The Alphas suspect nothing..." It's creepy.
The ruined volcano.
Here's a treasure chest for ya!
Purple Alpha Stones!!!
Yes, you can be a phantom!!!!!!
Here's a phantom vortex that has the phantom techno music from Day of the Phantoms.
These are pretty REALLY scary posters I saw. See how Greely is crossed out? Brrr, gives me the shudders.
Here's a really hard part you can't get past alone.
I didn't finish it, but once I do, I'll give the prize chart. Anyway, for the rest of the Jamaa Journal, pandas are sadly gone now :(
What's weird is that in the last JJ, they said they were TRAVELING. Now they said they're ENDANGERED. AJHQ is mixed up 8D On page 3, they talk about some new videos!
I suggest you watch them. And Major Modern Kangaroo is hilarious- click here to watch it. It is very strange. And, last but not least, the April Fools' party.
Awesome!!! I'll do a guide to that if I can find time. Now, for something weird and fun....
#374: Sit on the sky.
#832:Pretend to be a parent eagle.
Hope you enjoyed this post. Bye!!

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