Saturday, March 29, 2014

Worrisome Hats

Hello! Today's new item is the Fry Hat, sold in the April Fool's Party for 450 gems!
Credit to Snowypaw of the Animal Jam Cruise Ship.
Mmm, I want those right now. You just like to torture me, don't you, AJHQ?! Unfortunately the nearest April Fool's Party is in 1 hour and 49 minutes, so I can't get one. Waah :( Anyway, down to more serious matters. Me and my friend izzy83097 beleive this is going to happen:
I have to make it a link, I'm sorry, but just click here. It won't work otherwise.
Don't you think? Because all the armor pieces are members-only. Here's what I'm trying to say in izzy83097's words: (click here). Sigh. I really hope this doesn't happen. Animal Jam is supposed to be about kindness and friendship and animals, not fighting and blood. Well, for our update,

MUUUSIIIIC!!!! Click the image for a song. Also this one:
And yes, I did draw those. Anyway, enjoy the music and have a great day! :)


  1. The adventures aren't player versus player, so there's no competition between anybody. It's all about working together when it comes to adventures. And the only reason all the armor sets are for members is because the Diamond Shop is targeted to members. These are the new versions of the monthly member gift. It really started with the spirit armor. I think AJHQ are doing a good job with the adventures. And without the lore, it would be a little less interesting.

  2. That is true, but I believe that once we find Greely, the phantoms would take over Jamaa. It just seems to be getting worse and worse on each adventure phantom-wise and I wonder if AJHQ is just going to give up on the Alphas and turn AJ into another violent game. I mean, doesn't it seem that the phantoms are getting scarier and scarier and bigger and bigger until everything collapses and you have to be member if you wanna not die? I don't know... I mean, this is only a theory, but..
    Ok, that doesn't really make much sense.


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