Monday, April 21, 2014

Arrrr, me Spuddie!

The Earth Day celebration is ending tomorrow, (it has rare and beta prizes!) so if you haven't joined it, just click 'ere.
Some pirate guy walkled up to me today. He looked a bit like this:
I'm not a sketch artist, ok? Anyway, he said he would challenge me to a duel. So I did a quick change.
He was very scared and fell off the island we were on.
But not before I ripped his beard off!!! Heh heh! Here it is. It's pretty cool, with the beads and everything.
Wow. This seems sort of like a Spuddie story. Spuddie, do you think this could go on your blog?

Not really. It seems a bit violent.

Oh you're just a party pooper. If you do want to check out his stories, just click here! He's my pet potato, if you didn't know. Anyway, now for our update.
AJP is now on the App Store for iPhones, so download it today! (Yes, you heard that right, I have an app.) I'm also working on a story starring out friend Spuddie! It will be ready in a few weeks! Here's a little sneak peek:
Chapter 1:
Hi! I'm Spuddie! Or formally known as Spuddie/Spud/Joe III. I am 3 and just had my birthday last month. And I-BWACHOO! Am sick. On Christmas Eve. Sigh. This is my life. I lose everything because I don't have any arms, people make fun of me, and now I'm sick on Christmas Eve. And the most important thing about me is- KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! 
Oh gosh, who could that be? Why would anyone come at this unMiraly hour? 
"Okay, okay, I'm coming! Jeez!" I opened the door.  I regretted it as soon as I did. "Psylett! What!" 
Psylett is my cousin. He's a duck that lives in the ground. "Hi Spuddie. Mewwy Cwistmas." 
"What brings you here? I asked. Just then I realized his eye. "Oh my gosh, what the heck happened now?!" I screeched. 
"Wew, um.." he looked around, "I got into a wittle twouble with a ski wift. 
Ugh. I understand family helping family, but this kinda stuff happens EVERY MONTH. It started about 2 years ago, when I was 1 and he was 27. He had come over to my house for Thanksging (he wasn't INVITED or anything) with his two front teeth knocked out. That's why he tawks wike dis. And ever since then, he's been coming over to my house all the time after some daredevil stunt for me to nurse him and pamoper him and fuss over him. He's a bit annoying at times. But anyway, back to the story.
"I was walking awong, minding my own business-" he started.
"I've heard THAT one before." I remarked. 
"Wew, I wanted to twy skiing, so I got up out of the gwound-"
"WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT GETTING OUT OF THE GROUND?! Remember the LAST time you did that?!"
I shuddered to think of the time he popped up near a zoo and had gotten beaten by a gorilla. Sudenly he rose up out of the ground. Whoops. I forgot he was 3 feet taller than me. 
"Okay, okay, I'm sorry, you can cut out the drama." I said. He settled down.
"Anyway, I'm weawy here to ask you something." I braced myself for the usual pleading.
"Spuddie, do you want to come to Antarctica with me?"


Do you like it so far? Any suggestions? Anything? Okay, I have to get off now. Bye and remember to do the Earth Day Daily Deeds!!


  1. Joe must give me a cupcake or he shall face my wrath. >:C
    Also, isn't Psylett a Pokemon...? HE ISH AWESOME. C:

  2. Sulfide: *gives cupcake* No troubles, a heh heh heh?! (Runs away) Also, he is a mix of Pokemons! Psyduck and Diglett. If you click on his picture ---> you can combine more Pokemons.

    1. Ooooh, I'mma mix Snivy and Fennekin (My two favorite Pokemon!). It should an interesting combination. eUo

    2. Aww poop it's only the old ones.. Well, Vaporeon + Ninetales looks awesome. :D Vaportales isn't a very... nice name. But I guess it is kinda catchy.. XD
      Vaportales vaportales vaportales.. o-o

      Also Mew + Vaporeon = Meweon, and it looks like a pink Vaporeon!!! :D Also, FYI Vaporeon is one of my favorite Pokemon too. :D

  3. I did turn of the water faucet at my school bathroom today


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