Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cherry Blossom Tree

Hi Jammers!! Today's new item is the Cherry Blossom Tree, sold in Epic Wonders!
Unfortunate-OW!! OW!!! SOAP UP TH' NOSE!!!! SOAP UP TH' NOSE!!! OW!!! THAT HURRRTS!!!! Have you ever gotten soap stuck up your nose? NO?!?! You get all the luck. Why, in my day, we stuffed walnuts in our ears for FUN!! Course, we ended up at the hospital. And once Jerry couldn't get it out. For all I know, he still has it in there!! Ok, I'll stop being weird. But really! It does hurt! Ok, look what happens a click away from that lovaley budding cherry tree:
And the Earth Day celebration is still going on! Read yesterday's post to learn more about it. Now, for our update.
THE NUMBER GLITCH HAS STRUCK AGAIN!!!!! NOOO!!!! I just had to log out after that because it wouldn't load. Have you had this glitch yet? It's really annoying. Here's 2 glitches in 1 picture:
It happened when I had logged into AJ for the first time that day. I didn't get my spin or member gift (it was Tuesday), which was super weird, so I checked my mail. Then suddenly my spin popped up on top of the number glitch! Once I did my spin and member gift, the glitch went back to normal. It was funny, like the spin was like: Yeah, she logged in. *2 seconds later* OH YEAH I'M SUPPOSED TO APPEAR!! Whoops!! XD Anyway, that's all I'l be posting for now. Jam On!


  1. Today my mom was about to throw away a banana peel but I stopped her and recommended a compost pile. We started today :D

    1. AWESOME!!! Composting rules :D
      P.S. I checked out your blog. It's really epic!!! Do you want me to add it to the "My Favorite Blogs" list?

    2. Shish magonical! I'm so sorry I forgot to put your blog up. I shall do that one I get home from school.

  2. Just wanted to say that I like the music on your blog. x3 Also, your blog is really creative and funny.. Hmm, I don't remember having soap up my nose! I wonder.. -puts soap in nose, them immediately snorts it out- OWWWW D: Also, I walked home from school today instead of taking the car. :D
    -Throws a star at Neros then covers her in sparkles-
    Now you're brighter than a shooting star. :D
    You're welcome. :D

    1. Thanks! And soap up your nose really does hurt, you can take it from me. And yay, now I'm a shooting star! *tries to jump up in the air and swoop* *fails* Hmm. Maybe that needs a little improvement...

      Heh heh. One problem: you're not in the shape of a shooting star. Would you like me to fix that for you? ^D^


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