Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day Results

Hey Jammers!!! Okay, this is very exciting. We have the EARTH DAY RESULTS!!! I'm sorry for the people that didn't win, but here's the lineup: (I'm sorry if I get your genders wrong, I'm just guessing here! Comment here if it's not right.)

pink200330 wins the moderately priced item of her choice!
She walked home instead of taking the car yesterday. JAG me with what item you want, Pink! Also, Snow131313 wins the expensive item of her choice!Way to go!!!
Snow picked up trash near a memorial, dentist's office, and a doctor's office. She also doesn't put too much water in the kettle. Isn't that great she did all that? Great job!!! Okay, for the small rare:
Singelena wins that! She recycled a coffee cup that was about to be thrown away, started a compost pile, and turned off the faucet at her school. Awesome job!! You deserve the rare and will get it within a week. So, that's it for the AJP 2014 Earth Day celebration! You can enter it next year if you'd like. Now, for today's new item!
It seems AJ is celebrating Earth Day with us today, with the Offset Glass Shelves! I think they are saying to not use so much wood, as that takes trees. I like it! I think I'll buy it! And the AJP Mobile App is out now, if you would like it search "InfiniteMonkeys neros1234" and it should come up. If you don't have a iPhone or Android device, I'll provide a web link tomorrow. But that's about it! Good day and happy Earth Day!! Keep taking care of our Earth!!!


  1. Congrats to all the epic people who won!! 8D
    Also, I love that new item! It is very creative.. at least AJ hasn't forgotten about Earth Day either! o3o

  2. Thanks! Neros, should I just buddy you and we can meet sometime?



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