Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hehe, were you fooled?

Did you see my blog's April Fool's Day theme? It was pretty wacky, I just took it down, but if you'd like to see it click here. Yep. I'm insane. Would you like to know how I made the background? Well, it's easy. Here's a little tip: I bet you didn't know you can add animated GIFs as the background. Well, you can, so I just did that! I glitched my faithful potato background multiple times. Then I put it all together in an animated GIF using this site! Easy peasy, right? (But I'm not telling you how I got the title to be upside down. :3) Oh, and try rolling over one of the pages. I didn't save them in the Wayback Machine, but if you roll over, say, the Grumpy Cat page, the URL at the bottom says... Oh never mind. Anyway, our new item today has vanished like the fine morning mist.
Unless I'm just an idiot and the Silly, Zany and Wacky items are in the April Fool's Party. Wait, are they still doing those today? I'm confused. Well, in any case we DO have 1 new item. It's the Diamond Birthstone, of course!
Preeeetty. *sniff* It reminds me of one of my posts on my other blog, Hilarious AJ Pictures. Sadly, I closed that down last November. But anyway! Did you have a good April Fool's Day? Were you fooled? Did you fool someone? I got fooled. It's payback time. WHAT?! No, no! I wasn't talking about the downfall of Earth! Aheh, that was BOB!!!!! Yes, that was Bob. Whoever Bob is. MOVIE TIME!!!!!
Woah, sorry spazz attack. Hope you enjoy those funny videos. Anyway, for our update...

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