Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hyenas, and The Summer Carnival, and Buttercup Rug, and Cruise Ship Party, and Den Portals, and Phoenix Armor, and New Jam A Grams, and Wolf Rescue, and Hyena Adoption, and Vine Rug.....see, this is why you shouldn't not post for a week!!!

So! First things first. HYENAS ARE HERE!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS, THE WAIT IS OVER!!!!!!! Look at these silly creatures!!

They're all purple and polka dotted. I love them!!! The only thing I don't like is that they're for members only and they're for diamonds. But whatever! Maybe they will fix that in the future. Okay! Next, it's the SUMMER CARNIVAL!!!!!!!!!!
Here's a little banner I made for it!
Hooray!!!! The summer has kicked off, and the gates of the famed Carnival are now open! (Tip: If Jamaa Township is full, don't fret! The Summer Carnival signs are in all the lands- except underwater ones.)
Sorry Awesome! There will be something good for you coming up, I promise!  Here is the article about the Carnival:

What's weird is they don't have the SC in the Parties list currently...
Huh. Maybe they'll add that later....., well anyway, AJ Jump is on sale for any of you who want to buy it!!
(That would be me!!!!) I have a Kindle, but I only have like 100-200 Amazon coins....XP So I'm gonna buy that!!! There is another sale too....
YAAAAAAY!!!!!!! (I told you, Awesome!)
That would be funny if there was an item for 1 gem at Bahari Bargains...the you could get something for half a gem! but how would they do that? They'd have to hire a lumberjack from the 1800s to come and split that gem in half. But it might not split! What if it wasn't a gem after all? What if it was a DIAMOND???!! Um...yeah. I'll stop being weird. The next big thing is the annual CRUISE SHIP PARTY!!!!!!!
Now I can do my AJMV of "Captains And Cruise Ships" by Owl City. You're probably listening to it right now if you have your sound up!
Boy this is a long post! Well, I'll just make it longer! Hee hee. anyway, there is some new Den Portals! A ton of new ones! Well, not a ton. 3. But stiiiill! Unfortunately, they're not in the Den Portal shop. They had to close down that. This snake was trying to eat the den portals!
So they took some of the lighter ones, gave them to 2 eagles and a hyena, and carried them all the way to Jam Mart Furniture.
 The stone ones were too heavy to carry to another land, so they just carried them upstairs to the Mystery Emporium. Now that snake won't bother them!
And AJHQ got a little carried away. They liked the Den Portals idea so much that they made 3 more!
But yay hooray, now there's a nonmember one and 2 seafloor ones so everyone can join the den-switching nose-picking (well maybe not nose-picking) fun! In their shiny new armor!
Aww, we're gonna miss you, Phoenix Armor. But it will be replaced by another cool armor!! Anyway, there's 2 new animal exhibits for you to check out! 
Wolf Rescue!
Hyena Adoption!
There are a whopping TWENTY-EIGHT new Jam-a-Grams! They seem to have the pattern of (verb) as a (AJ Animal)!

OH MY GOSH!!!! Well! I think I will stop this right now. Look how long it is! And if I write any more, Blogger's probably not gonna let me publish it...ay yai yai! Anyway, that's it for today. Bye!!!


  1. LOL. Cool blog and post, Neros! :P

  2. There's only 27 new Jam-a-Grams, by the way.

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