Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Forgotten Thumbnail

So! Yay! The Animal Jam Potato ius 1, hooray, yeah, and we're done. AJ is offline, soooo.....umm....
And their thumbnail image is gone. O.O
Does this mean...they're changing it??? No, don't do that, AJHQ!!! I like the green paw!!! *sniff* Okay, now onto *sob* the update.
THERE IS FINALLY AN EAGLE ADVENTURE!!!! It's awesoe!!! This is what it looks like:
IT'S AWESOME!!!! It's like the stones are falling out of the portal! Anyway, in the adventure, you basically look for crystal shards for 17 minutes.
You can get the crystals by either sitting on a cactus: (ow!)
Watering oasises, (is that a word?) or just finding them on the ground or in the sand.
That is one creepy ghost ranch!
It's very hard, and you can't complete it alone. Fair warning: You'll need 3 other eagles to get the purple shards. (I learned that the hard way.) anyway, onto the next big things! There are new DEN PORTALS!!!
AWESOME!!!! This totally reminds me of the beta den, where you could go to Jamaa Township from your den. That was so cool. Here they are:
Alll the wooden ones are 1,000 gems, the stone 500 gems more. I bought the green floor one. Just nobody trip over it when they're in my den! You'll go to izzy83097's den automatically... ANYWAY! The last portion of the Jamaa Journal clearly states that hyenas are coming!!! So we were right!!!
And the cute wittle hummingbirds are coming back for the summer. Yay!!!!! Speaking of summer...
THE SUMMER CARNIVAL IS COMING!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!! Why don't we celebrate with a fountain to play in!!! (Yeah, AJ is back on again.)
And that is about it. All I can say is.... IT'S GONNA BE AN AWESOME SUMMER!!!!!!

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