Monday, June 23, 2014

23 DAYS LATER.....

HELLO THERE!!! Guess what? I am actually NOT dead, I have just not posted in a really, really, really long time. (Because I just didn't feel like posting, and then I was traveling without WiFi for a week.) AND GUESS WHAT?! My brother was right, they do have underwater adventures now!!!! And they're nonmembner! YAY! (You probably already knew that.
Follow the yellow gem road....(and green, and purple, and red, and orange, and brown, get what I mean.)

This glitched. Investigate the WHAT???? And where's Liza, anyway?

Awww, sorry Steve.


There is an animal portal, as usual.....

....with really strange and random prizes that have nothing to do with the adventure itself!
I think AJHQ's just running out of names now....

AHHH!!!! A BIG PHANTOM FACTORY!!! Yeeeahh, we saw that coming.
And our fellow lions are going to depart in 3 days.... :'( Bye lions! See you in 6 months or so!
And there is a cool new Claw Machine that only gives out Wolf Plushies!
I suppose they will have one for each plushie. I like these because

1. They are not taking over beta, so that nobody will know what is a genuine Claw (like the one in my den, which Cami is now guarding....)
2. IT HAZ WOLFS! What's not to like about wolves? (especially with a hoot owl like me..... if you have your volume turned up and you look at the name of the first song on this blog you'll find out why!)

Soooo umm.. yeah. That's about it! As always, see you later Jammers!

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  1. It's been a long time since that last post!

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