Thursday, July 24, 2014

Some Blog Updates That Should Have Happened a Year Ago

Today I'm actually posting on my blog 2 days in a row (OMG surprise right?!) because just look at my bad posting schedule.
A heh. Um. Well, at least I got 13 2 months in a row! Heh. Um. Let's move on from this topic, shall we? Well, anyway, I am also posting to finish the post I started yesterday. Because there is a big update!! Also, because the 4th of July potato is still up, and it's been 20 days since 4th of July so that's just getting ridiculous. Anyway, for the update, it's actually mostly about the blog. Like, for example, I FINALLY updated that little image at the top of the blog (you know that thingie....forget it. I'll just show you a picture.)
That thing. I changed it to a potato because I FINALLY figured out how to do that. (P.S. It's labeled "Favicon" and you need a square image.) So yay! It's a square potato!!
Yay!! Okay, I'm done. Here is the other update: I added another song to the ever-growing Music list. It is from Ultraviolet and it is called Up All Night.
Uh yeah. Also, we have something regarding Animal Jam! Finally!! Okay, so here it is. IT IS HUGE!!!
OMZ!!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!! YAAAAAAY!!!! You know, the loading screen hasn't been updated since OCTOBER 2012. Yeah, that's right, the creepy phantom thing was all part of the Halloween decorations, and then AJHQ was too lazy to take it down. And guess what? The dark theme was launched when my little sister was born- October 24, 2012! :) But anyway. It's really cool!!! So yeah. See you tomorrow, or whatever time I happen to post again. Are you still awake? Probably not. Pat yourself on the back if you weren't like this in the first 5 seconds:

Both signatures today! Haha!

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