Sunday, September 28, 2014

200th Post and Autumn Leaves

Hey jammers!!! So sorry I didn't post for the last 3 days, I hope this will make up for it. Anyway, today is AJP's 200th post!!!!!! I'm really happy!! :D It is kind of embarrassing that AJP's been around for a year and a half, and this is only it's 200th post. Some blogs I know have 250-300 posts a year! I have about 160. *shrinks into corner* I just realized I can put cool symbols in here! Here's some of them: ¿¢™©®&£ You can copy and paste them too. Okay, I'll stop being strange. Here's the new item:
Nice!! They updated the regular Leaves and added a rake! So now you could play a joke on people! "Hey, come jump in this leaf pile! >:D" Next, isn't spell check weird? I tried to type in "leaf pile" and it changed my words to "TechCrunch!" It also changed "people" to "purple". "Hey, purple, get over here!" "Those purple are nice." "Mommy, some purple jumped in your TechCrunch! you just raked up!" People would think you're really messed up if you started talking like spell check. Anyway, have you noticed the decorations in AJ?! Aren't they awesome?! And creepy?! Have you been in the phantom vortex yet?!
Isn't it creepy O.o This is the game. It's where you have to keep the phantoms away from your candy with your torch. You're also supposed to kill them by shriveling them up in a blue light thingy. It's very violent for Animal Jam. XP
Here's a snapshot of this year's prize (you get it when you beat level 5 of the phantom game.) 
A Phantom Scarecrow!! Ooo, scary! It doesn't seem to be scaring the crows, though. There's one right on the phantom's arm. And-woah, is that a phantom vortex under it?! I think so. Whatever farmer that made this isn't very bright. Well, that's it for today. If you noticed, for 200 posts I added a new "Ask Neros" page. YAY! Now you can ask me questions stuffs! Well, Nathan Lane and honestly ho! No, spell check. GOODBYE!
P.S. Do you like the creepy jack-o-potato in a stormy field?!

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  1. Wow, I love the new background! Ecspecially the creepy jack-o-potato! It looks evil. XD And yay, you added the "Ask Neros" page! I'm going to go there and ask a random question! :D


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