Friday, September 19, 2014

AJ Birthday party and Ruby Red

HELLO JAMMASIANS! Go do stuff before the time runs out. 15 minutes.

You're probably thinking "Huh? What the heck are you talking about, Neros?   O.o" That can be explained!!!!!.....later. Right now we're going to take a field a giant cake!!!!
Why am I wearing a cupcake on my head? Because AJ told me to.
Anyway, I visited the cool shop!
And a random koala!
It has some pretty nice statues of the Alphas. But sometimes, I think they're just running out of names.
Hey! Like Biff and Sully from Sesame Street! (Do not make fun of me for knowing that, my little sister has Sesame Street books that have those 2 characters.) Anyway, here are all the cool new Alpha statues for this year.

That is a very emo eagle. That should be the new hit pop song- MOHAWK EAGLE! YEAH!!!!! DANANANANANA *epic guitar solo* YEAH!!!
Hey look, another random koala!

Hey, do you guys think this picture is weird?
Um, first of all, I'm standing on the SIDE of the cake! And second, I'm an eagle! I'm flying above the cake! So what's up with that little tan puff of cake that follows me around?!?! Okay, that wraps up my bit about the 4th Birthday party. Now onto a PRECIOUS GEM :3
It's so entraaaancing! And it has magical floating sparkles around it. I would want that. THAT WOULD BE AMAZINGLY EPICLY AMAZING!!!!!!! But now it's time to go. I'll tell you guys about a really weird Halloween-y TBA adventure tomorrow!!!!

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