Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lolz and A New Game

Hey Jammerlicious Jammified Jammers! Sorry for the late post. I just got home from school. Anyway, when I got home I found out some exciting news- PANDAS ARE COMING HOME!!!!
Yay!!!!! I love pandas, they are adorable ^.^  Also, this means we get to watch a silly animated video of the new animal! Another thing in the Jamaa Journal that's coming back is the equally adorable Monkey pet!!
They were originally sold in February 2013 and then removed in October. But now they're back! :) Also, there's a jammin' new game (okay, I'll stop) called Spot On. It's where you have to guess the animal (or bug) in the least time to earn gems! It's really fun and original. Lots of the games AJHQ makes are spin-offs of popular games (Hedge Hog= Pac-Man, Swoopy Eagle=Flappy Bird, Sky High=Doodle Jump, etc.) but this time it's not!!! It can be found in Kimbara Outback.

Screenshot of the game
Also, there's a cool new video about saving otters! That's nice :)
It also talks about Night of the Phantoms. Ooh, one of my favorite times of year. I love fall and spring but mostly fall, because it gets chilly and there's pretty leaves and Halloween and everything. But THIS year on AJP it will be extra-special! Not only will I create a new (creepier) Halloween potato image, but I'm going to have a spooky contest! I won'ty give away any details yet, but here's a clue: EDOTM. MWAHAHAHAHANYWAY! Onto the "Lolz" part of the title of this post.
Looks like AJ has decided to go with the modern-day slang and put it on their Bubble Chat. They did pretty well without sounding too dorky or weird. Though I don't really see anybody who uses "JK".... XD Anyway. That's it for today. BYE!!! And remember to!!!


  1. Hi! I like your blog.

  2. Wow, you're doing a really good job posting continuosly! And EDOTM? Elephant doodle octopus tree mom? XD

  3. Thanks! Yes, I'm trying to get more posts because I only have 55 and it's September DX And haha, but sadly no, that is not right. How would that even work?! "Ok, jammers, let's dress up in doodled octopus and elephant costumes! And there should be a tree mom! And it's a contest to see who looks the most ridiculous." XD

    1. XD I was just joking. It doesn't even make sense! What you meant was, Epic den of the month, right?

    2. Yes, I know you were joking. That would be funny, though. XD And yeah, that's what I meant. It's pretty obvious, seeing as the answer is at the top of the blog!


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