Monday, September 29, 2014

Rare Cone Collar

Hei häirintälaitteet! (That's Finnish!) As cool as that would be, I did not just memorize that, I used Google Translate. (Because try memorizing "häirintälaitteet". Yeah. You can't do it.) Our harvinaisuus today is very unusual! It's found in the....
....Medical Center!!! Yes, that's right, the first-ever rare to appear in the shops in Kimbara Outback! By this purple-and-black beauty before it's Tuesday and gone! Anyway. Hey, here's a quick Finnish question. I bet you can't guess what this is in English: sardiini. I'll give you 3 seconds!

 Yes, there are sardines in AJ. On my head!!!
Ouch. Please kindly get off my head, Mr. Insanely Large Giant Fish, so that I may run screaming to my nearest shoe store. And order a cheeseburger. ANYway, once that sardine decides to flop off of my skull, I can show you some items that are leaving.

 Wow! A whole page! And an item! The summer is gone and so are the summer items! Well, not all of them. So make sure you buy some farmy items to fit your den! Ooh, that's a cool word! Farmy. Far-my. I'm gonna say that more often! Well, time to go! The sardine feel of my head, but now it's angry! Hyvasti to you all!!!


  1. For some reason I can't find the "Ask Neros" page. Weird. Giant sardines on AJ? On your head? Hilarious! XD

    1. Yeah, I just realized I hadn't actually shared the Ask Neros page! Silly me. I fixed that, and it's now on the list of pages up at the top. And thanks for saying that, I was kinda running out of ideas, so I decided to edit a fish onto my head. XD


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