Wednesday, October 22, 2014

5 1/2 things I noticed about Bitter Sweets

Hey jammers! Ready for a list about Jamaa's newest Adventure, the updated TBA? Okay, number 1. I'm sure you've seen the Phantom graveyard in the adventure. Well, does anyone else find it a little concerning that there are Mira tombstones everywhere?!
They want to kill her!! Oh noes! Killed by her own tears. Well, not yet! Not saying that she will be. Just- I should stop talking. Okay, onto number 2. Does this picture look a little...FAMILIAR?!
I like how AJ did that, they blocked off everything to make the shape of a phantom when you were done with the adventure. Also I like how they did the mist in the middle to make the phantom's eye! That's really clever! Okay, onto #3.
Did anyone else notice how there was, not one, but THREE different animal pet-activated prizes! Well, at least that I can see. I counted a dog, tarantula, and joey one.
Onto #4. This is a small one, since it doesn't really count. So kinda 3 1/2. Onto 3 1/2!
There's only one life (which you never lose) and the meter doesn't fill up! That's strange, because you get Courage for killing the phantom-bots or whatever they're called. Maybe it's a glitch and they meant to fix it but never got around to it. Okay, let's talk about No. 4... the creepy mysterious eyes!!!!
Usually, as you know, when we begin an adventure there is a shaman there to tell us what to do. But not this time! (oh gosh, I just accidentally quoted my favorite song! <3) This time there's strange green eyes hidden in a tree. Or a bush. I couldn't remember. I wonder who it is... Hey! You know what would be cool? If that was Sir Gilbert. He's one of the two last shamans (the original six Alphas) that hasn't appeared in an Adventure. Peck is the other one, but that doesn't look like her eyes. Well, we've come to the last one...
BLAARRGH IT'S A FIVE HAEDED PHANTOM!!! No, that's not actually #5. This is:

IT SAVES YOUR PROGRESS!! IT FREAKING SAVES YOUR PROGRESS!!!! That is awesome!!! So you don't have to keep trying and trying to get 1,000 pieces of candy in 12 minutes. (Which is pretty much impossible. I got 501.) Hint hint, Forgotten Desert. Okay! Now for regular stuff! :D

There is a crapload of new items that the phantoms have taken over!
That's what you get for going on vacation, I guess. The items just pile up! (Not a posting vacation. I actually went somewhere outside of where I normally live.) The Spooky Sewer Cover (that purple thing with the smoke coming out of it) actually opens!
BLARGH IT'S PHANTOMS IN THE SEWERS!!!! Good luck down there, phantoms. Better you than me! Well, sadly, we have come to the end of our post. Goodbye and have a great day!

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