Thursday, October 2, 2014

Balloons and Pets and Pandas and a bunch of other Halloween goodies!

Bonjour Jammers! Today pandas have come back!!!! Yaaay! Another thing that had come back is pet tarantulas!
But, just as we get an animal back....
...another one leaves. Arrrgh! Frustrating! The weird thing is these are both my favorite animals. I love cheetahs and pandas!!!! Especially the baby ones. Both of them are adorable!!! Anyway, as you've hopefully noticed, it's now October. And you know what that means!
I already told you guys about the phantom portals. Haha, ahead of the crowd! But I haven't reported on the Haunted Forest party. Ooo, spooky trees! That's some good graphics, AJHQ! Hey, had anyone noticed that the Spooky Party has become almost nonexistent? It's true! It started in 2011, and AJHQ was wild about it, talking all about it in the Jamaa Journal. Same for 2012. But then in 2013, they added the Haunted Forest Party and THAT was what got put on the Jamaa Journal. I wonder if they'll still have the Spooky Party this year... Well! This article of the JJ caught my eye.
A new shop!! Hooray! We haven't had a new shop since Outback Imports last summer! And it's underwater, which is big! We haven't had a new underwater shop, a long time! Check out those water alpha statutes! Hmm, the seal doesn't seem to have a mouth. Or a nose. Wait, is that even a seal? It has some weird tusk-thingy. Maybe it's a walrus. Do walruses have noses? I'm pretty sure they have mouths. Huh. Maybe the artist who drew that needs to take lessons from this guy:
YAY! A SKETCH JAM! We havEn't (capital e for no reason at all) had one of those in a lot of months! And this is like, the third one. They need to update that more often! Oh, but you know what's the worst about updating? Brady Barr's Adventures. You know, the giant python one? They haven't made any more! And I'm really bummed :( Anyway, for a closure of this post, I bring you....the long anticipated pet adventure!!!
OMZ! So I was right! It is a pet-themed Halloween adventure!! HAW HAW HAW I WAS RIGHT *maniacal laugh* Okay, I'm not really evil. YES I AM HAW HAW HAW No I'm not. Only these balloons.

Woah! I don't know what was going on with the layout there. Maybe it was the balloons. They're evil, as I told you before. Well, actually, they're Spooky. Spooky Balloons. They're also the first Halloween item of 2014! Yeah! Go balloons! OH! And before I go,I want to sow you this!
So Bitter Sweets is the first adventure to have advertising and a portal elsewhere in the game. Nice! I like the way you think, pets! I wonder if that portal will still be there when the next adventure comes out. Somethin' to think about! Well, it looks like I have nothing else to report on. So I'm going to revoir! :)

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