Friday, October 31, 2014

Hapy Halloween from AJP!

Hey guys!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!
I hope you have a great Halloween!! :) Today I don't have school since my teachers are grading and putting in final grades. Yay for me! XD Well, I would like to thank everybody for buddying me! You are very nice, all my buddies! :) But unfortunately my buddy list is full now. So here's how it's going to work: if you haven't been on for more than 30 days, chances are I will unbuddy you. You can always re-friend me though! Okay, enough about me. Let's see what the Halloween item is on AJ.
OOO! A Mystical Potion Set!!! Just like Brady Barr! And a Spooky Radio that looks more like a mix between a purple rotting tree and a scientific instrument! And the yearly Take One candy basket. Now for the costumes!
I don't know what's new so I just screenshotted the whole thing. Eh, the yearly creepy costumes. But hey, what's that pumpkin down there? Oh, a trick-or-treat basket! That's clever! And new! Yay! There is also some new ones on the next page....
OH DEAR!!! What is that, a Tyrannosaurus with pink eye?! Oh, a zombie mask. That makes total sense. I can see why it's on sale! Well, I was surfing around on the web and found this on Chicken Smoothie:
Is this a real ad for Animal Jam? I'll give you 3 seconds. 1...2...3...NO. Absolutely not! First, that text. When has AJ EVER used that font?! Second, would they show a picture of some lion plushies in a den, or would they show the AJ animals in a picture DRAWN BY AJHQ. NEVER click on one of these. There are some very bad trick-or-treaters out there, except you're getting tricked and they're getting a treat! (Namely, your passwords and personal information.)
I feel like I'm talking to a five-year-old. Well, I did some more boopity boop bop research on the interweb and found out something funny and cute!

Now I feel like Rhett from Rhett and Link. Eh, whatever. Just today, the little bell for the notifications on Google+ has changed into an adorable pumpkin! It usually looks like this:
I'm told it also changes for the winter holidays! :D Okay, I've typed enough. HAVE A HAPPY HALOWEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!


  1. Yay, you're back! At first I actually thought you were dead or something (Just kidding!) until I saw your comments on GMM and Owl City. XD Anyways, great post and have a happy Halloween!


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