Monday, October 13, 2014

NO! Not this! The end has come!

Hello Jammers! Sorry I was gone for 4 days. I didn't really feel like posting. But I guess I should have! Because THE PHANTOMS HAVE TAKEN OVER JAMAA!!!!!!!
Well, the Jamaa Journal. Huh! The phantoms use the exact same font as AJHQ! Weird! Maybe they stole those words. Those rascal phantoms. Always stealing something. They also stole my post about AJ Night O' the Phantoms costumes. But everything they touch is all covered with phantom slime. Ewww! My beautiful post!  Well, anyway. As I read through this issue, I learned 2 things.
1. Phantoms....aren't exactly the best at spelling.
2. They don't like cheetahs very much.
3. Taylor is bored, so he made another Sketch Jam video. So soon?! Don't they come out, like once every 2 months?
Also, if the Jamaa Phantom Journal is announcing that Jammers have taken back millions of candy from the Phantoms, why did they say "The candy is ours!" Um, not really! Sorry to burst your bubble Phantoms, but AJHQ just said the EXACT opposite of what you said. Well, here's the last page I haven't talked about:
YAAAAAAY THERE'S AN AJ MUSIC ALBUM AND IT'S OUT ON DIGITAL MEDIA YAAAAAAAAAAAAY I was frustrated about a year ago when they didn't have any Animal Jam music on this music website (Grooveshark). Now they do! Yay! Okay, onto the RIM.
OMZ IT'S SOME PURPLE WINGS *flies into a hole and explodes* :D I don't like that price though. >:P I think the wings should be maybe 600 gems? 650? But not 975. Eh.
If you put the wings on and put on these two items, you look like a fanged winged snail with a gland problem! YAAAY! Well, you can be a fanged winged snail alone. Because I'm leaving! Bye! :D

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  1. XD I think this is what AJHQ wants us to think: They make the Jamaa Journal, and the phantoms try to ruin it by smearing slime all over it. I'm not really sure though. A lot of blogs explain it in different ways. :D


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