Saturday, October 4, 2014

World Animal Day and Contest!! (a bit late....)

Hola Jammers! You know what today is, right?!
It's WORLD ANIMAL DAY!!!!!!!! Featuring Incredible Canyonflower!!!!!!!!
See that koala on the poster? That's Incredible! Incredible is very happy about this. She's so happy she's going to sit in your popcorn.
Oh no Incredible, not again! (See last year's post.) Anywho, I am very proud to announce....
HOORAY!!!!! A CONTEST!!! But wait- what is the contest? Well, my dear people who go by the name of Fred (or maybe not), it is all explained... later. Mwahaha! Anyway, on the topic of Night o' the Phantoms, we have some spooky ITEMS!
Each one is from a different day in October. Today, yesterday, and 2 days ago. Hey, maybe it will be like the Jamaalidays, with a festive item every day of the month! That would be cool, but Jam-Mart-Clothing would get a bit crowded with 31 new items! :)We also have the returning Giant Inflatable Phantom!
Well, that's what everyone wants, right? A giant inflatable phantom to play on. Lovely. (INTERNET SARCASMMMMMMM) Okay, onto the next segment.
The Potato now has 13 members!!! A round of applause for Ca1412 AJ and molly s!!! (That's the tradition whenever AJP gets a new member!) Thank you, Ca1412 for joining! :) Okay, now!! It's what you've all have been waiting for!! Dun da dun!! The unveiling of the contest!!

..Aaaand you'll learn all about it by clicking here! :D Hee hee. It's a den contest to see who has the spookiest den!! More on that in the post. But for now I've gotta go. Adios, amigos!

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  1. Yay, a contest! I have never participated in one of your contests, so this time I will. And also, at first I didn't notice that I could follow your blog. Then I noticed that I could follow it, so I did. XD Who wouldn't want to follow such an awesome blog? :D


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